Zeta Programmatic

Zeta Programmatic

Zeta is powered by groundbreaking technology that makes programmatic personal, unifying data, identity, execution and measurement into one user interface. All driven by outcome-based AI at scale.

People-based Programmatic

Volume and velocity to identify audiences with interest and intent, score moments and deliver personal programmatic at scale.

Zeta’s signal-rich Data Cloud and outcome-based AI turn billions of high-fidelity signals from digital profiles and devices into real people, empowering your programmatic to deliver personal experiences at scale.

  • Access to Zeta Intender Audiences
    With the integration of the Zeta Data Cloud and DSP, you can now target Zeta Intender Audiences with active interest in your product or service for more personal, relevant programmatic.
  • Media, delivery, cost, and impact transparency
    Enjoy complete visibility into your costs, campaign, customers, and creative without sacrificing performance or control of your data. Make more informed decisions about your campaign budgets and overall programmatic spending.
  • Fewer clicks, more efficiency
    Our easy-to-use tools require fewer clicks and offer you more control. Save time with AI-powered tools and resources.
  • Discover eye-opening insights across your campaigns
    Harness the power of proprietary AI to gain a deeper understanding of your audiences and what motivates them to action.
  • Fully integrated advanced TV solution
    Plan, blend, and execute TV into your digital plan while experiencing AI-enhanced cross-channel optimization and insights with a single, accountable vendor. Optimize reach and frequency with access to a global inventory, while seamlessly buying and planning on every screen.

Multi-Screen Expertise

Zeta’s unified view of consumers across all screens and formats enables brands to reach their target audience with high-impact experiences







Leverage our dedicated team of experts

Our team of experts with vast experience in programmatic will set-up, optimize, and manage your programmatic buys across formats and screens to deliver superior performance with actionable insights through research and analytics.