Gartner: Critical Capabilities for Multichannel Marketing Hubs

multichannel marketing hub

Marketing leaders seeking customer profile management, personalization and advanced analytics capabilities to drive campaigns can use this research to find the right solutions.

Multichannel marketing hubs help create, orchestrate, execute and measure customer experiences across devices and channels. Marketing leaders seeking customer profile management, personalization and advanced analytics capabilities to drive campaigns can use this research to find the right solutions. 

Key Findings 

■ Marketers are demanding greater control over their customer data. Multichannel marketing hub 

(MMH) vendors are improving integration capabilities to unify and reconcile customer data across multiple channels, devices and life cycle stages. 

■ Multichannel marketers are embracing data transparency, despite perceived operational challenges. As marketers derive value from data transparency, consent and privacy management features are emerging as MMH critical capabilities. 

■ Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) continue to reshape the MMH landscape. 

Vendor applications of machine learning, such as helping marketers automate execution on profitable customer behaviors, are expanding the scope of marketer decision making. 

■ Over 50% of marketing organizations have increased their personalization investments since 2017. In line with this trend, MMH vendors continue to expand their native personalization tools.

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