Signal Data, Powered By AI: Marketing’s Future State Requirements For Maximum ROI

Signal Data, Powered by AI: Marketing’s Future State Requirements for Maximum ROI

Today’s marketers continue absorbing organizational responsibility and the technologies that come with that. The struggles are real, but marketers must find a way to work smarter to achieve core competencies to drive acquisition, optimize experiences and boost growth.

Successful marketers are integrating artificial intelligence into their strategies so that they can work smarter and do more with less. Along with newfound efficiencies, harnessing the power of AI and signal data can exponentially increase your ability to deliver on customer expectations, wants and needs.

Our Zeta Webinar featuring Cynthia Janelli and James Beauchamp will help you better understand how to:

  1. Make sense of the data to create meaning on context to the complete customer
  2. Connect the right tech ecosystem to engage consumers as unique individuals
  3. Improve the customer experience by proactively personalizing engagements with more contextual data
  4. Make media more efficient by leveraging first-party data toolsets in more agile formats


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