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Utilize A Change Agent To Become Customer Focused

How B2C marketing organizations can use technology to enable a customer focused culture?

Kick-start 2018 with the latest marketing leadership insights and recommendations that explore and address these questions.

When customers feel heard and understood, they are much more likely to feel loyal and engage with brands. According to the October 2015 Forrester report, The Customer Emotions Driving CX Success, “Emotion is fundamental to how consumers perceive, experience, and remember brands — emotion, ultimately, drives their decision making.”

As customer obsessed marketers, the goal post to achieve a clear view of each and every customer can often feel out of reach. But, why is this? And more importantly, where should we be focused to overcome significant organizational, process and technology challenges that hinder us from providing our customers with a human experience?

By downloading Utilize A Change Agent To Become Customer Focused, a December 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Zeta, you’ll have an opportunity to understand:

– Key challenges faced by today’s marketing leadership

– Chokepoints in your organization that prevent progress

– Action to take that will help you overcome these challenges

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