New App Unlocks the Power of Customer Growth Intelligence within Snowflake

Zeta’s much-anticipated Customer Growth Intelligence application is now available in the Snowflake Data Marketplace. Zeta participated in the private preview of Snowflake’s Native Application Framework, among the select few companies invited to contribute to this initiative.

Zeta’s Customer Growth Intelligence app brings the power of our leading-edge Martech software directly to your Snowflake instance. Using Snowflake technology Streamlit and Snowpark, the application provides unprecedented visibility into customer and prospect behavioral patterns, channel availability, and price sensitivity. The best part? You don’t need to transfer files or share data outside of your Snowflake Data Cloud so you can maintain data privacy and governance.

The Customer Growth Intelligence app uses Zeta’s ID graph, which contains profiles on over 235 million Americans, paired with Zeta’s proprietary data sources and artificial intelligence to enable you to slice and dice client and prospect data and create valuable intelligence that can power innovative campaigns and improve business outcomes. With the app you can:

  • Create a 360-degree customer view: Better understand your customers, what they’re interested in, where they can be found, and their potential availability across various channels.
  • Accelerate advertising revenue: Improve the efficiency of your ad spend by directing your resources towards the most relevant channels, ensuring improved targeting and maximum ROI.
  • Improve audience segmentation: Learn about where your customers are spending time and money to create highly targeted campaigns that resonate with your audience.
  • Increase customer acquisition: Leverage predictive conversion trends to anticipate future purchase behavior and foster long-term brand loyalty and growth.

Below are examples of use cases where you can apply the Customer growth Intelligence app.

Unleash the Power of Data Enrichment

Channel match distribution reveals the number of customers that can benefit from enriched Zeta Data across activation channels. By presenting the match rates for various match keys such as email, postal, and first name, Zeta enables brands to understand the extent of data enrichment available, and its potential impact on their marketing efforts. By enriching your first-party customer data, marketers can optimize their targeting and engagement strategies to increase campaign ROI.

Unlock Revenue Optimization Opportunities

Predictive price sensitivity empowers brands, especially in retail, to make data-driven pricing decisions. By identifying price-sensitive customers, you can tailor their promotions to avoid unnecessary discounts and prevent lost revenue. Zeta’s sophisticated pricing models leverage proprietary signals to distinguish between price-sensitive and insensitive customers, tabulated against age and income levels. This enables brands to implement targeted pricing that increases revenue and profitability while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Perfect Timing for Maximum Engagement

Click behavior helps brands perfect their timing for maximum customer engagement. With access to proprietary behavior data, marketers can identify the perfect moment to interact with specific customers. By understanding when customers are most receptive, brands can craft well-timed campaigns that resonate with their buyers leading to increased click-through rates and conversions.

Anticipating Success with Future Insights

Conversion prediction helps brands understand future trends. By leveraging ensemble time series models and forecasting, Zeta provides key metric predictions, such as conversions and site visits for the upcoming month. Zeta can also predict what metrics will look like for a competitor using proprietary signal data and the Zeta Identity Graph. Using this information brands can proactively plan for predicted trends to optimize conversions and campaign outcomes.

Fast, Easy Setup and Implementation

Once the Customer Growth Intelligence app is loaded into a brand account, the only input needed is a hashed email list of current customers. The rest of the work is done by the app.

Visit the Snowflake Data Cloud Marketplace and enable the Zeta Customer Growth Intelligence app at no cost. Learn how Zeta can enhance your first-party data to unlock unprecedented insights and meaningful customer engagement. This dynamic partnership empowers your business to unlock the full potential of your Snowflake Data Cloud and build individualized experiences that drive growth and success.

Partners in Intelligence and Activation

Did you know Snowflake named Zeta their Go-to-Market Partner of the Year in 2023? Download their most recent Modern Marketing Data Stack report and find out why.

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