AWS Recognizes Zeta for Expertise in Providing Customers with Software-as-a-Service

Zeta Global is happy to announce it has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency in the category of Digital Customer Experience. This esteemed recognition is for Zeta Global’s demonstrated expertise in providing customers with software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions.

Transforming Advertising and Marketing

Companies who have received this recognition are titans of innovation, like Zeta, and have demonstrated a mastery of specific disciplines and verticals. As advertisers and marketers lean into digital transformation, they are seeking out partners with purpose-built services and solutions to meet their needs. The collaboration between Zeta and AWS continues to accelerate digital marketing transformations, offering intuitive tools that bring more value to enterprise brands’ data. By providing AWS-validated solutions and services, Zeta empowers advertising agencies, marketers, publishers, and technology providers to gain AI-powered actionable intelligence and grow and retain customers by unifying identity, intelligence, and omnichannel activation into a single platform.

Zeta’s Journey in the AWS Partner Network

Since becoming a part of the AWS Partner Network (APN) in 2021, Zeta Global has consistently showcased specialized expertise and deep industry insights. The company’s flagship ZMP is now available in the AWS Marketplace, positioned as a validated solution provider in the AWS ISV Accelerate Program. Zeta Global stands out as one of the industry’s largest proprietary databases, driven by artificial intelligence. The attainment of the AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency solidifies Zeta’s position as a distinguished software supplier within the APN.

A Seamless Integration with AWS

This accolade differentiates Zeta Global as an APN member with demonstrated technical acumen and proven customer success in running cloud solutions on AWS for the advertising and marketing industry. This program highlights AWS partners specializing in advertising and marketing technology with exceptional domain knowledge and AWS-powered products and services. AWS Partners are fastidiously vetted by AWS solution architects, as well as endorsed by customer references, in order to receive this designation. AWS empowers the development of scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions all the way from startups to global enterprises.

“Zeta Global is proud to achieve the AWS Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency,” said David A. Steinberg, Co-founder, Chair, and CEO, of Zeta Global. “Zeta and AWS have a shared focus on helping businesses accelerate their digital marketing transformations to improve business outcomes. Our growing recognition in the APN signals the quality of our solution to their vast customer base, with thousands of buyers shopping in AWS Marketplace every day. This brings together one of the world’s largest proprietary Data Clouds from Zeta, and development capabilities from AWS, to accelerate enterprise brands’ ability to discover more value from their data. We are leveraging the power of AWS to create more intuitive tools for marketers to improve consumer engagement and business outcomes and are continually proud to work alongside AWS.”

Explore AWS-Powered Solutions

Delve deeper into the AWS Competency Program and which AWS Partner solutions and services are powered by AWS for specific industry use cases, or explore the AWS Partner solutions and services offered in AWS Data Exchange, AWS Marketplace, or APN Partners, including Zeta Global.

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