Case Study

How Sallie Mae Cut $1M+ in Technology Licensing and Agency Expenditures

The Results

By implementing the Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP) in lieu of outsourced lead generation services, Sallie Mae was able to see a faster speed to market (compared to Business-As-Usual campaigns) at a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

savings across technology license & agency service expenses
Increased speed to market On BAU campaign

The Challenge

Sallie Mae (SLM) is a financial institution providing private student loans, saving accounts, scholarships, and other educational services. As they’ve evolved from a monoline to offering several solutions across education, they needed to adapt their communication according to this increase in velocity, as well as deepen their audience segmentation to reach the wide breadth of customers in the sector.

SLM relied heavily on disparate technology partners for their digital marketing and IT teams. Not only were these services expensive, but they demanded additional SLM team members to oversee processes.

The Solution

Over the course of seven months, Zeta set SLM up to democratize their lead generation initiatives through the ZMP’s self-service model.

This shift had a profoundly positive impact on Sallie Mae’s bottom line, slashing costs associated with agency services and tech licensing and fast-tracking speed to market.

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