From Chaos to Clarity: Resolving Trust Issues to Optimize Your Tech Stack

About This Webinar

In the bustling digital landscape, most companies are juggling with over 10 technologies to fortify their marketing efforts. However, a surprising majority feel as if their technological acrobatics aren’t paying off. Over time, poor integration has painted a landscape of fragmented tools and inconsistent data, leading to the unwanted pitfalls of revenue losses, missed opportunities, and tarnished brand perception. 

In this webinar, Bill Sears and Christian Monberg from Zeta Global and guest speaker Joe Stanhope from Forrester Research reveal the role a comprehensive integration strategy plays in optimizing existing technology and connecting disparate data sets, improving customer experiences, and generating stronger business results. 

 They dive into several key topics to help you understand your technology stack better: 

  • How are point solutions making marketing more complex than ever?
  • Why is flexibility in your technology the key to mastering customer experiences?
  • What is data without intelligence and why is it inhibiting your speed to market?
  • Why do business insights and analytics remain unrealized despite expectations?

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To implement these strategies effectively, brands need the right technology and tools to support their personalization efforts. The Zeta Marketing Platform empowers businesses to offer highly tailored experiences driven by AI.
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