Zeta is named a contender in Forrester's Customer Analytics Wave Report

Zeta Global Recognized as a Contender in Forrester's Customer Analytics Wave Report

Zeta Global was recognized as a contender in The Forrester Wave ™: Customer Analytics, Q2 2024 Report, marking our first appearance and demonstrating our rapid ascent in the analytics space. In a market crowded with both large marketing suites and specialized vendors, we believe this recognition highlights Zeta’s strength in analytics and underscores our balanced approach to product development and strategy.

At Zeta, we believe that analytics capabilities are most effective when integrated into a comprehensive platform rather than offered as a standalone solution, allowing marketers, not just data scientists, to learn from and apply analytics.

Customers are having a tough enough time pulling together and rationalizing their data, not to mention generating meaningful insights. Zeta’s all-in-one approach means that every client gets access to industry leading analytics without purchasing a separate SKU, and simplifies the complexities and limitations associated with disparate systems.

It’s a new phenomenon to include CDPs in a mature market with traditional analytics companies. Even so, our commitment to continuous innovation has helped us leapfrog hundreds of other vendors and demonstrates that our technology stands out above many of our competitors. 

Built for the Modern Marketer

Zeta functions as a full-service omnichannel agency, offering an unmatched combination of standalone technology and professional services. This sets us apart from other vendors who primarily rely on templates, tutorials, and partner access. The Zeta Marketing Platform offers a comprehensive set of capabilities that provide marketers with lower cost of engagement and higher ROI. These capabilities include:

  • Identity: Superior data management, deterministic identity resolution, and proprietary Zeta data enable marketers to target high-value customers with more precision and fuel better results, while preparing brands for a cookieless future.
  • Intelligence: Zeta’s AI has been built from the ground up for years to provide marketers with answers to its biggest challenges. Other martech providers are still catching up.
  • Activation: Zeta offers precise activation across all channels without latency or data and identity breakage, combined with optimization to improve results and lower costs.
  • Reporting: Superior reporting and analytics capabilities that provide the insights marketers need to stay one step ahead.

Looking Ahead

Zeta’s next-generation platform is leading the charge in today’s martech evolution, offering an innovative, integrated, AI-powered solution that addresses pressing industry challenges and drives exponential growth.

We believe our inclusion in The Forrester Wave ™: Customer Analytics Technologies, Q2 2024 Report signifies the market’s recognition of our technology’s potential and its demand for alternatives to legacy solutions, highlighting our ability to meet the ever-evolving needs of modern marketers.

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