Forrester Consulting Opportunity Snapshot: CDPs Must Transcend Data Aggregation



A Back-to-School Guide for Marketers in the Year of COVID-19

Back-to-school shopping is going to be a lot different this year.  Under normal conditions, almost 60% of back-to-school shoppers are largely done with their major purchases before the start of August. But this summer we’re seeing households (from households with elementary-aged kids to households with college students) delay their traditional back-to-school buying by several weeks.  […]

one-size-fits all marketing

The Risks of One-Size-Fits-All Marketing During COVID-19

Given the economic conditions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, marketers can be tempted to engage in one-size-fits-all campaigns to save time and money. However, the risks of one-size-fits-all marketing outweigh the purported rewards. COVID-19 is impacting continents, countries, and communities in different ways. Marketers (and the brands they represent) need to take note of these nuances […]

Website Personalization

AI-Powered Website Personalization

Overview The following infographic presents statistics and trends around the adoption of AI-powered website personalization across various industries. The infographic highlights what modern marketers think about website optimization using AI, and how different brands are already deploying it realizing improved ROI. Introduction As a marketer, you tap every channel you can (organic, paid, social, email, […]

Future of Retail

Predicting the Future of Retail Marketing

The massive impact COVID-19 is having on the retail industry can’t be understated—and it’s why predicting the future of retail marketing is so important.  New data suggests: Global retail sales will decline by an average of 9.6% this year, a $2.1 trillion loss from 2019.  US retail sales will decline by an average of 9.1% […]

digital marketing

The Acceleration from Analog to Digital: Knowing Your Customers in the New Normal

The global economy is reeling from the impact of COVID-19. People are working from home, avoiding shops, canceling summer holidays, and staying away from restaurants. As consumer behaviors continue to change due to the global pandemic, businesses must adapt to survive. But the question is, what should the adaptation look like? How should businesses change […]

improve email open rates

5 Easy Hacks to Improve Email Open Rates

Few digital marketing arenas are as competitive as email—that’s why it’s so important to learn how to write subject lines that improve email open rates.  To help you on your way, we wrote this article (and this one too) to help your brand’s emails POP amidst all the inbox clutter generated by angry bosses, doting […]

7 Email Subject Line Mistakes to Avoid

Learning how to craft a winning email subject line is one of the most important things any marketing team can do. The right subject line can help a brand stand out in an otherwise cluttered, crowded inbox. But mastering the art of subject line writing isn’t easy—it takes time.  Unfortunately, time isn’t something a lot […]


Zeta and Mediahub Partner to Bring Clients Best-In-Class Tools to Drive Growth

We’re excited to announce a new partnership between Zeta Global and Mediahub, which will focus on delivering custom, innovative tools to Mediahub and its clients. As part of the partnership, Mediahub clients will receive data enhancements and capabilities that allow them to achieve marketing goals and drive greater media accountability throughout the full customer lifecycle, from acquisition through retention. […]

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