70 email marketing resources

70+ Email Marketing Resources You Should Not Miss

Email marketing is a crucial part of every digital marketing plan. Email is still the best way to reach out to your customers. And if Email Marketing is something you deal with every day, this post is for you. Be sure to bookmark this one. We have worked out this post to include everything included […]

automation hacks

11 Surprising Marketing Automation Hacks That Will Skyrocket Your Sales

As many marketers know, we are quickly entering the world of automate or perish. Marketing Automation platforms simply enable you to do less with more, which is the eternal mantra of the modern marketer. The premise is clear: Engage with your customers as much as possible (without spamming them) while minimizing the amount of manual […]

digital marketing trends

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

Note: This is a Guest Post by Sam Hurley of Optim-Eyez, Regarded as an influencer in Digital Marketing Ecosystem. Not only are the following core shifts in Digital Marketing taking place in 2017; they have been gradually replacing traditional approaches over time and will continue to evolve as we head into the next few years. […]

Making the most of your unsubscribes

Having unsubscribe rates go up is not the end of the email world. It’s just an opportunity to act

mobile marketing automation

Mobile Marketing Automation: Reaching Out to the Next Billion Users

Marketing automation has become an integral part of the customer engagement process for brands across different verticals. Given the scale, frequency, and diversity of channels involved in digital marketing, it’s getting pretty hard to imagine not having some level of automation in place. The advent of new age marketing platforms has made it easier for […]

mobile marketing 2017

What’s in Store for Mobile Marketing in 2017

Handheld devices and wearables are the dominant force in the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing. A report by Statista claims that 41% of the world will be using a smartphone by 2020. That’s over 2.87 billion people, up from an already staggering 2.32 billion today. With so many eyes glued to these handheld devices, […]


The Relevancy Group: Applying Predictive Analytics to Optimize Personalization

Machine Learning is unifying the customer experience across all marketing channels. Marketers are leveraging machine learning to unify and personalize the customer experience across every channel, yet personalization tactics dominate email marketing. This eBook will show you how to implement predictive analytics to optimize personalization email. You’ll see how many marketers plan to adopt Personalization […]

marketers data

How marketers can demystify the use of data

Customers are constantly connected, and the opportunities for data capture are only set to grow.

Email marketing: busting best practice myths

Five best practice tips to make your marketing campaigns more successful

Short-term gain, long-term pain: the danger of short-termism

Understand why the desire for instant gratification and real time results has replaced the pursuit of patience

personalize emails

Go beyond the “FName” – 6 Advanced Ways to Personalize Emails

Let’s be clear, no one likes receiving irrelevant and generic marketing communication. Most marketing or sales emails are met with a swift action: Archive or Delete. That’s why, as marketers, it’s our job to provide an experience where customers feel like we are addressing their individual needs. Every communication should contain a value for customers. […]

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