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10 Trends That Will Impact MarTech and The World in 2020

For data-driven marketers, the 2010s were a decade filled with both promise and new advancements for both the marketer and the consumer. The digital revolution brought enormous changes to the digital marketing industry, but in many instances, the long-term effects of those changes only began to be felt in 2019, as the decade drew to a […]

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Artificial Intelligence for Ecommerce: Beyond Customer Segmentation Strategy

How can artificial intelligence today play a role in changing ecommerce, moving beyond customer segmentation strategy and simplifying the work of ecommerce marketers to help them achieve the best possible results? We took a look to find out. The Ecommerce Industry Today The ecommerce industry today is worth close to 1.9 trillion dollars. Ecommerce sites […]

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Artificial Intelligence: Applications in a Developer’s World

Over the course of our last few posts on Artificial Intelligence today, we’ve seen how artificial Intelligence applications affect the world of personal and business efficiency, marketing and customer communication. So does artificial intelligence work when it comes to developers? How do developers and big software build and use artificial intelligence to improve the world […]

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Relationship Marketing: Artificial Intelligence for Great Customer Experiences

Creating a great customer experience today requires a mix of factors. The two primary goals of this process are Delighting the customer by removing hurdles and creating great usability Building a relationship with the customer to understand them as an individual and talk to them with context through the customer journey. This is easy to […]

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Artificial Intelligence Software for Marketers: Connect in the ‘era of avoidance’

We live today in the era of avoidance. Advertising and marketing reach us through billboards, newspapers, magazines, television, web banners, sponsored posts on social media, the list is endless. On an average, humans see close to 5000 ads in a single day, and that number is only increasing. How individuals and customers react to this bombardment of […]

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Artificial Intelligence tools to increase efficiency and disrupt your business

In our last post on Artificial Intelligence, we spoke about how AI is going to burst into your life like you never imagined. So while AI is making breakthroughs in every field around you, how can you make the best of it? How can you use artificial intelligence tools in your personal life and business to […]

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Artificial Intelligence today and how it will change your future: Part One

In our last post, we spoke about the way Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing is changing the way marketers work and helping them create more personalized customer experiences. Digital marketing is just one of the many areas that AI is disrupting today. We decided to create a series to talk about how AI is making […]

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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing: How Can it Make Your Life Easier?

What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is an increasingly popular term that lacks a unified, concrete definition. Nils J Nilsson, one of the founding researchers in the field of AI gave us one: “Artificial intelligence is that activity devoted to making machines intelligent, and intelligence is that quality that enables an entity to function appropriately […]

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Lessons Marketers Can Learn from Watching “The Bachelor”

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve watched “The Bachelor” series. The weekly drama surrounding the journey to find love, as portrayed by reality TV, is full of entertainment. Beyond the can’t-turn-away-from-the-train-wreck drama unfolding in front of my eyes, there are also lessons about building strong, lifelong relationships. Lessons that can be applied not only to our […]

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Why the Most Successful Media Companies Act Like Tech Companies

Once upon a time, media companies built their reputations on content: movies, news, talk shows, and so forth. But then, the internet happened, making it nearly impossible to compete on content alone. From Nick Edwards, Boomtrain’s co-founder and CEO: People are no longer bound to a local paper, radio station or TV provider; content isn’t […]

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