behavioral targeted emails

5 Amazing Advantages of Behavioural Targeted Emails

Behavioral Targeted Emails, or sending targeted emails to your contacts based on their actions and behaviors, is one of the most effective strategies an inbound marketer can adopt. A lack of technical know-how and strategy makes behavioral emailing a difficult task. To make it worse, there is not enough quality educational material present to get […]

customer emails

4 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before You Email Your Customers

Email marketing is a smart and relatively easy way to personally communicate with your users. A great email strategy can result in higher conversion and drive user engagement, improve retention and overall revenue. A mediocre one, however, can cause opt-out spikes, reduce your trustworthiness or make you completely irrelevant in the recipient’s inbox. However, if […]

omnichannel marketing automation

5 Reasons You Need Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Digital marketing has undergone a massive transition, away from the “spray and pray” broadcast model to a focus on personal, 1:1 relationships between consumers and brands. The biggest driver of this trend is of course the proliferation of digital media. Marketers now have access to a huge array of communication channels, and consumers have a […]

machine learning

Machine Learning Demystified – An Interview with David Daniels

Today we are welcoming back David Daniels from The Relevancy Group to talk to us about Machine Learning and the game-changing role it can play in personalization. TRG’s latest report, “Machine Learning Demystified: Applying Predictive Analytics to Optimize Personalization,” summarizes how Machine Learning is being leveraged by marketers to unify and personalize customer experiences across […]

ecommerce ai

Why Your eCommerce Store Needs Artificial Intelligence To Survive

Note: This is a guest post authored by Michelle Deery from and Heroic Search. She specializes in writing about eCommerce and is passionate about AI and how it is propelling eCommerce forward. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has finally emerged from the shadowy realm of university labs and science fiction to splash down right in the […]

prime time messaging

Prime-Time Messaging: Advantages of Optimizing Email Send Times

Customers in the digital age are perpetually connected with brands. And as a marketer, it’s our job to take advantage of this situation, but also to be wary of its risks. Today’s customer is flooded with round the clock messaging of all sorts. From transactional messages that inform them that their package has arrived from Amazon, […]

email marketing campaigns

10 Email Marketing Campaigns You Should Check Out Right Now

As a marketer, innovation and inspiration are the twin engines that drive your success in this fast-paced, digitally connected world. Sometimes it’s essential to pause and survey the landscape in order to find that jolt of inspiration that enables you to really push the envelope for your organization. Email marketing is still of the most […]

email marketing metrics

Email Marketing: 5 Key Email Metrics That Really Matter

When it comes to email marketing there are a lot of stats to keep track of. All of them provide valuable data points, but there are 5 specific metrics that should be getting your constant and continuous attention. These metrics can help you determine how to: Reach a wider audience Spend less time and money […]


The Science Behind Starbucks’ Massively Successful Customer Loyalty Program

Starbucks has completely revolutionized the coffee business. It took on something that existed from ages and completely overhauled it from its core. Today, Starbucks is regarded as the world’s largest coffee house with high regards for its customers. The Starbucks success is a story of taking every business aspect differently. They have time and again […]

product recommendation amazon

How to Ace Product Recommendation like Amazon

The best way for an eCommerce venture to succeed is by providing relevant products and content to the audience. Making the shopping experience as personal and tailored as possible for each individual consumer. Product recommendation has become the driving force for any eCommerce business. Recommendation and personalization improves sales, conversion rates and revenue by a […]

ai powered marketing

Artificial Intelligence Powered Marketing Automation for Modern Marketers

Marketing automation has been around for a few years, helping marketers save time in deploying campaigns manually and spend more time developing effective strategies. And like any other technology, marketing automation, too, is evolving with time. Marketing automation today is the most sophisticated — capable of understanding a user’s behavior and sending relevant communication via […]

deconstructing brands

What We Learned after Deconstructing Three Industry Leading Brands

It’s been almost a month since we started our Customer Engagement Deconstruction Series (Telling better digital stories). So far we have covered three industry leading giants, Spotify, Harvard Business Review and Etsy. During the deconstruction we learned a lot about how one can induce stellar customer experience in their brand to grow. All of these […]

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