omnichannel retail

How to Use an Omnichannel Strategy for Your Retail Brand

An omnichannel strategy is the a brand’s plan to provide a seamless customer communication experience across the channels their customers engage with the most. Small businesses and startups manage to market solutions using basic channels like email, but as a business and its’ customers grow, the need for an ability to reach customers across different […]

cognitive computing marketers

What is Cognitive Computing and Why should Marketers care?

Cognitive Computing is “the simulation of human thought processes in a computerized model.” Cognitive models embrace technologies in deep learning, data mining, data analysis, pattern recognition and natural language processing to imitate the way a human brain works and find meaning this way. Cognitive Computing is closely related to artificial intelligence applications and works similar […]

customer retention travel

Customer Retention Rate: Growing the Right metrics in Travel and Tourism

Travel companies don’t have the same customer lifecycle as others. Customers may look around and move to a final stage of inquiry and decide not to use a service, customers’ demand peaks at certain peak seasons, the frequency between booked trips may be often be very long, feedback on these trips are essential for growth and the […]

predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics: The Key to Successful Marketing Campaigns

The anatomy of a successful marketing campaign isn’t easy to pin to one factor. Yet, there are times when an industry shift is happening that marketers can make use of new technology to change the way they communicate with customers and position their brand, creating a magical mix that sets new benchmarks in engagement and […]

one to one marketing

How To: Personalized One to One Marketing to Delight customers across Channels

Recommendation engines, also called personalization engines have become a way for online businesses and ecommerce platforms to differentiate their customer experience using one to one marketing and set themselves apart as companies that embrace technological changes and use them right.  When it comes to omni-channel marketing with personalization and recommendations, there’s one challenge: How can […]

customer retention

5 Customer Retention Marketing Tips with an Artificial Intelligence Twist

Building a great product and making it easy to use seems like the recipe for happy, loyal customers. Sadly, that isn’t always the case. Apart from these two essential factors, you need to delight customers, monitor their issues and be aware of problems before they appear. Raising your customer retention rate is one of the […]

ai online publishing

How Artificial Intelligence Recommendation engines will change Online Publishing

Ever since the birth of print publishing, newspapers and magazines have been a primary source of information about the world around us. Keeping us in the loop about the changes that affect us, and the subjects we enjoyed learning about. Newspapers and magazines always relied on subscriptions and advertisements for revenue.   Newspaper ads of yore, no […]

ai e commerce

Artificial Intelligence for Ecommerce: Beyond Customer Segmentation Strategy

How can artificial intelligence today play a role in changing ecommerce, moving beyond customer segmentation strategy and simplifying the work of ecommerce marketers to help them achieve the best possible results? We took a look to find out. The Ecommerce Industry Today The ecommerce industry today is worth close to 1.9 trillion dollars. Ecommerce sites […]

ai developers

Artificial Intelligence: Applications in a Developer’s World

Over the course of our last few posts on Artificial Intelligence today, we’ve seen how artificial Intelligence applications affect the world of personal and business efficiency, marketing and customer communication. So does artificial intelligence work when it comes to developers? How do developers and big software build and use artificial intelligence to improve the world […]

relationship marketing

Relationship Marketing: Artificial Intelligence for Great Customer Experiences

Creating a great customer experience today requires a mix of factors. The two primary goals of this process are Delighting the customer by removing hurdles and creating great usability Building a relationship with the customer to understand them as an individual and talk to them with context through the customer journey. This is easy to […]

ai for marketers

Artificial Intelligence Software for Marketers: Connect in the ‘era of avoidance’

We live today in the era of avoidance. Advertising and marketing reach us through billboards, newspapers, magazines, television, web banners, sponsored posts on social media, the list is endless. On an average, humans see close to 5000 ads in a single day, and that number is only increasing. How individuals and customers react to this bombardment of […]

ai efficiency business

Artificial Intelligence tools to increase efficiency and disrupt your business

In our last post on Artificial Intelligence, we spoke about how AI is going to burst into your life like you never imagined. So while AI is making breakthroughs in every field around you, how can you make the best of it? How can you use artificial intelligence tools in your personal life and business to […]

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