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customer retention

Actionable Examples of Customer Retention Strategies Across Industries

I’m not going to start with that statistic. The one where I tell you how much more lucrative it is for your business to keep your older customers than get new ones. (5 times is the answer) or where I tell you that a 5% increase in retention can increase profits up to 125% If […]

mobile content engagement

Mobile Branded Content Engagement is 63% Higher vs PC: Publisher Takeaways

In a 2016 survey on the state of branded content that conducted, the percentage of engagement with branded content on mobile devices was 63% higher than on PC. So we all know that our engagement with brands is shifting from the PC to Mobile. We use our favourite apps, order food, book cabs, read […]

messaging apps

How Messaging Apps Will Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience has been at the centre of attention for the last few years, even more so in the SaaS community. The focus has evolved from ‘just’ making great products to also ensuring our users loves every second of working with the company. There are a few aspects, with their underlying metrics, that define a […]

black friday campaigns

5 Black Friday Campaigns To Be Inspired By – Thanksgiving 2016

The holiday season has begun and with it comes the promise of laughter, love, celebration and of course, drunkenness, shopping, and great deals, An estimated 44% of American consumers say they’ll shop in stores or online the day after Thanksgiving. For marketers, the holiday season means the promise of enhanced sales, great numbers and a […]

digital marketing ai

Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Ready for an AI Intervention?

So you’ve been using email marketing for a while now, but it seems like you’ve simply run out of ideas for your customer lifecycle campaigns. You’ve optimized your website, but you feel it customers need a little something more to get truly engaged. You’re looking for something that takes your digital marketing strategy to the […]

general artificial intelligence

The Challenge with Developing ‘General Artificial Intelligence’

I have always been a keen follower of several ‘anorak’ or ‘geeky’ subjects. Two of these are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and General Research theory. Several months ago, I was reading an article about AI, how it has progressed over past few decades, and how it could progress in the future. As I was reading this article, […]

predictive analytics travel

How To Bring Predictive Analytics Into Your Travel Marketing Roadmap

So you need to fly to New York next week for a friend’s wedding. You will be busy the day of the wedding but you decide to stay on in a budget hotel and do a lot of sight-seeing because you’ve never been to the big apple. Wouldn’t it be great if your online travel […]

millennials loyalty program

What Millennials Are Looking For In A Loyalty Program

According to Consumer Insights, customers aged between 17-34

behavioral targeting

Behavioral Targeting: How to Get From ‘Creepy’ to ‘Cool’

I’m a digital native.  As I grew up using the internet, I saw the way advertisements on the internet grew and changed too. From generic ads to more localised and personalised ad content, behavioral targeting made sure I saw what was deemed most ‘relevant’ for me and chances are you saw this happen too. No matter […]

customer satisfaction

Measuring Customer Satisfaction with Artificial Intelligence: The 411

Customer Satisfaction has come a long way. Decades ago, customers participated offline in focus groups and written surveys. The arrival of the internet and email gave customers today a new way to express their experience and emotions related to a product. Over the past few years, CRM (customer relationship management) tools helped organizations start measuring […]

ecommerce customer retention

9 Ways to Win At eCommerce Customer Retention

Running a business means finding new customers and convincing them to buy from you repeatedly. But creating a loyal customer base is not a simple task. The following techniques will make it easier. eCommerce is a crowded part of online business with huge competition, so creating ads can be an expensive proposition that doesn’t guarantee […]

real time messaging

Real-Time Messaging: Personalized Communication For Your Brand?

The past 30 years have seen incredible changes in the way businesses operate and communicate. All this time, the way customers enjoy communicating has always been personal and direct. But now, that is broken. How did it get this way?  The Past: Personal and scalable. Thirty years ago, businesses communicated with their customers by building personal, contextual […]

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