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Travel Insights for Winter 2021

2022 Travel Prepares for Takeoff, While Consumers Proceed Cautiously With 2021 Holiday Plans

predective marketing

Predictive Marketing – Learn How AI Can Help Digital Marketers Ace Their Game

Artificial intelligence has never shown such prowess that it does today. Predictive analysis is one of the key outcomes of this surge and AI is in the middle of the whole deal. One of the key branches that came out from Predictive analysis is predictive marketing. Predictive marketing has changed how marketers and sellers approach […]

google knowledge graph

Ranking in Google’s Knowledge Graph in 2017: How Artificial Intelligence Plays Its Part

Note: This is a guest post authored by Kylie Ora Lobell, Content Marketer at Directive Consulting. The brand specializes in comprehensive search marketing campaigns for industry leading B2B brands. In 1998, Google started out as a simple search engine. Now, it’s evolved from an information engine to a knowledge empire. Google wished to be the […]

ai shopping

How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping Up Modern eCommerce

Last fall, I was reading about how the battle is heating up for the best Artificial intelligence based home assistant. One thing that took me by surprise, was Amazon’s home assistant, Alexa.

media and publishing

For Media and Publishing Websites, It’s Personalize Now or Perish

With the advent of AI in Marketing Automation, user personalization has taken the digital world by storm. Yet, digital media houses and publishers haven’t really taken complete advantage of that. Although leading publishing houses like Forbes, CBS Interactive, Venturebeat, and so on have taken initiatives to personalize content for their users, most of the other […]

spotify user engagement

Telling Better (Digital) Stories – Spotify’s Impeccable User Engagement

In our previous article on telling better (digital) stories, we spoke about how modern marketers are orchestrating customer communication seamlessly over several marketing channels(email, mobile, onsite) in order to create lasting digital experiences. In today’s article we take you through the journey of how Spotify, one of the best examples of a company that has evolved from […]

mobile engagement strategy

Media & Publishing: Boost Mobile Engagement Strategy with AI Recommendations

Why Publishers Need A Winning Mobile Engagement Strategy   Mobile phones today are almost an extension of our bodies. 80% of smartphone owners look at their phones the first thing after we wake up. Today’s consumers spending an average of 11.1 hours per week streaming TV and video content on their laptops, tablets, mobile and […]

omnichannel personalization

How Omnichannel Personalization Grows Customer LTV

Why Do Brands Need Omnichannel Personalization? Customers today are connected across screens, channels and devices. The average american spends 10 hours a day looking at a screen, and that number is only growing. Omnichannel personalization is all about being available for customers and empowering your audience to succeed wherever they may interact with your brand. […]

ecommerce marketing

A Killer eCommerce Email Marketing Strategy: What Does It Look Like?

The perfect ecommerce email marketing strategy. One where the open rates are good, click-thru rates are impressive, and most important of all: one that repeatedly drives conversions from emails. So what does this perfect ecommerce email marketing strategy look like? We took a look at some of our favourite brands to find out. The Welcome […]

travel email marketing

Travel Email Marketing Campaigns That Wow You: What Do They Look Like?

Every year, we get thousands of emails from travel companies urging us to get out, explore, soak in new cultures, be a wandering nomad. It’s always easy to spot the bad emails. They may be irrelevant to your surroundings, intrusive, or just badly planned. So how do you take your travel email marketing strategy to […]

voice of customer

Why You Should Use AI to Capture the Voice of Customer and Grow Engagement

  In marketing, one of the most common mantras is that you should be listening to your customer. Thinking of customer listening and the voice of customer may prompt you to think about surveys and feedback forms. The voice of customer has gone beyond its traditional definition and become a process that captures in-depth a […]

publishers ai content

Why Publishers Want AI Personalized Content: A View from Sales

When someone throws out the buzzword Artificial Intelligence, many of us think about self-driving cars, Siri, and Alexa. There are a ton of artificial intelligence powered products that people interact with every day but wouldn’t register it as AI, for example: Netflix, Facebook, or Spotify. When it comes to content consumption, the best AI algorithms go […]

behavioral targeting

Behavioral Targeting Examples: Get Your Personalized Push Notifications Right

If you’re a company starting to engage customers personally, chances are you’ve been reading about behavioral targeting examples that could help. Behavioral targeting makes sure that you are sending the most relevant content to customers that will help them find value. Mobile Tech Today: The Stage Is Set for Personalized Push The number of smartphone […]

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