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Travel Insights for Winter 2021

2022 Travel Prepares for Takeoff, While Consumers Proceed Cautiously With 2021 Holiday Plans

behavioral targeting

How To Use Behavioral Targeting In Your Emails To Boost Engagement

What is Behavioral Targeting? The first rule of behavioral targeting: don’t be creepy. The second rule of behavioral targeting? Follow the first rule. As appropriate as the name ‘behavioral targeting’ may sound, nobody actually wants to be ‘targeted.’ Customers and visitors on your website want to feel like you understand their needs and goals. They want […]

publishing industry

3 Major Online Publishing Industry Trends For 2017

Online Publishing is exploding, but many publishers are still figuring out how to build a highly converting revenue stream online. The transition from print to digital has brought new challenges and opportunities to publishers of news and media. We took a look at the online publishing industry trends for publishers to keep in mind to […]

email newsletters

5 Email Newsletter Design Strategies You Need To Use

When we send emails, we often spend a lot of time worrying about the content. We spend hours pondering over the right subject line or CTA line, and these things are very important. The one thing that ties them all together however is the email newsletter design.  So what do your emails and email newsletters […]

ecommerce future

The Future of eCommerce: Artificial Intelligence and Beyond

As we end a monumental year and move in to the next it is time to sit back and evaluate all the awesome new technology that found its way into our lives this year. Now we can make some educated guesses about where the future may take us. eCommerce as an industry has grown into […]

predective marketing automation

Predictive Marketing Automation: A Glimpse of Marketing Automation V2.0

The end of 2016 is here and there is hardly a brand, company or publisher that doesn’t use marketing automation as part of their digital marketing strategy. Why is this? Because Marketing Automation has now become a norm. We expect a welcome email when we sign up for a service, we expect discounts when we’ve […]

ecommerce cup

Stay On Point: eCommerce Awards in 2016 & Takeaways for Marketers

What are the brands that are really winning at building great eCommerce experiences? What are good indicators of brands that stand out this way? We looked at the categories and results of three major eCommerce awards to understand who is doing what right and what marketers can takeaway from the year 2016 and keep in […]

cognitive marketing

Cognitive Marketing: What It Is and How Digital Marketers Use It

What was the last ad that got you thinking? What was the last ad that you remember going viral? For me, it was the throw like a girl campaign of 2014. The ad hit us all in a way that we could relate to. It brought up issues of gender disparity, the innocence and potential […]

holiday email campaigns

5 Things To Remember When Creating Holiday Email Campaigns

It’s holiday season, and if you’re a B2C marketer, that means you’re busy putting together campaigns for the busiest time of the year. As more stores move their digital marketing offers on the internet, and everyone goes crazy about the latest John Lewis ad: now is your time to shine: Creating memorable holiday email campaigns that […]

agile marketing

Agile Marketing: What Every Marketer Needs to Know

The word Agile is popular in the context of software development. You can’t help but agree how brilliantly agile works in terms of speed, performance, and responsiveness in meeting expectations. The word on the street now is that the same concept of Agile is now making a bold entry into the world if marketing as well. Lo […]

customer retention rate

Why Personalization Skyrockets Customer Retention Rates

There’s no denying that developing customer retention strategies are extremely important for any business. Even knowing that most companies usually focus their efforts on generating new customers. Think about it: Competition today is so fierce that growing your customer retention rates is like winning a lottery. Well, it is if you’re planning to “buy a ticket” and sit […]

ecommerce analytics

4 Brands That Use Ecommerce Analytics To Make Conversions Happen

So you have an ecommerce store or even an ecommerce platform. Customers seem to like what you have on offer. So your website grows and grows and suddenly you have a whole lot more data than you ever dreamed you would. It’s difficult enough handling sourcing and distribution, building an online strategy and marketing. So […]

mobile commerce trends

Mobile Commerce Trends and Statistics To Remember In 2017

What is Mobile Commerce? The Definition of Mobile Commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services through mobile phone and tablets, also known as next-generation e-commerce. World over, there are around 7.7 billion mobile connections and counting, 4.7 billion unique mobile subscribers, that’s more connections than people on the planet. In the United States, […]

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