Forrester Consulting Opportunity Snapshot: CDPs Must Transcend Data Aggregation


general artificial intelligence

The Challenge with Developing ‘General Artificial Intelligence’

I have always been a keen follower of several ‘anorak’ or ‘geeky’ subjects. Two of these are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and General Research theory. Several months ago, I was reading an article about AI, how it has progressed over past few decades, and how it could progress in the future. As I was reading this article, […]

predictive analytics travel

How To Bring Predictive Analytics Into Your Travel Marketing Roadmap

So you need to fly to New York next week for a friend’s wedding. You will be busy the day of the wedding but you decide to stay on in a budget hotel and do a lot of sight-seeing because you’ve never been to the big apple. Wouldn’t it be great if your online travel […]

millennials loyalty program

What Millennials Are Looking For In A Loyalty Program

According to Consumer Insights, customers aged between 17-34

behavioral targeting

Behavioral Targeting: How to Get From ‘Creepy’ to ‘Cool’

I’m a digital native.  As I grew up using the internet, I saw the way advertisements on the internet grew and changed too. From generic ads to more localised and personalised ad content, behavioral targeting made sure I saw what was deemed most ‘relevant’ for me and chances are you saw this happen too. No matter […]

customer satisfaction

Measuring Customer Satisfaction with Artificial Intelligence: The 411

Customer Satisfaction has come a long way. Decades ago, customers participated offline in focus groups and written surveys. The arrival of the internet and email gave customers today a new way to express their experience and emotions related to a product. Over the past few years, CRM (customer relationship management) tools helped organizations start measuring […]

ecommerce customer retention

9 Ways to Win At eCommerce Customer Retention

Running a business means finding new customers and convincing them to buy from you repeatedly. But creating a loyal customer base is not a simple task. The following techniques will make it easier. eCommerce is a crowded part of online business with huge competition, so creating ads can be an expensive proposition that doesn’t guarantee […]

real time messaging

Real-Time Messaging: Personalized Communication For Your Brand?

The past 30 years have seen incredible changes in the way businesses operate and communicate. All this time, the way customers enjoy communicating has always been personal and direct. But now, that is broken. How did it get this way?  The Past: Personal and scalable. Thirty years ago, businesses communicated with their customers by building personal, contextual […]

ecommerce stats

5 Ecommerce Statistics That You Need to Remember in 2017

As the eCommerce landscape continues to take new shapes and forms around the world, marketers need to stay on top of their numbers. The industry is exploding with customers across demographics and geographies. We put together a list of 5 eCommerce statistics to keep in mind as you plan your digital marketing campaigns for 2017. […]

contextual targeting

Contextual Targeting: Will It Make Marketing Human Again?

I know what you’re thinking. Anything with the word ‘Targeting’ in it doesn’t sound likely to be very ‘human.’ Human beings are after all, fiercely confident of their unique identities and views. We want to be understood, not targeted. Yet, the phrase continues to exist, and there is no doubt that modern digital marketing is […]

trigger based emails

7 Examples of Trigger Based Marketing Emails That Click

It’s impossible to have an email address today and not receive trigger based marketing emails. The essential factor that connects all trigger based marketing is that they are triggered by a customer or user’s behavior. This sets apart trigger based emails from other email marketing because there is always context and relevance in the offering. We […]

personalized marketing

Personalized Marketing: A Unique Differentiator in Your Content Strategy

In 2016, Personalized Marketing began to set itself apart as a way for marketers to connect better with their customers. Brands, products and services today all rely heavily on Content Marketing as a way to present trends, thoughts and ideas, and offerings to customers and leads in a way that is non intrusive. When it […]

ai marketing engine

What Can an Artificial Intelligence Marketing Engine Do for Your Brand?

Marketing is constantly evolving, and embracing new technology is a big part of that evolution. Today, marketers are witnessing the rise of a new medium to reach customers – the internet. With the internet as the medium of the hour, marketers have the ability to accelerate their goals and create better, more engaging campaigns with the […]

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