The Hospitality Industry Report

The rollercoaster ride for the American hospitality industry continues. Following a historic drop in consumer demand in mid-March, the industry clawed back lost business by slashing prices and offering generous booking incentives. But with surging infection numbers and no coronavirus vaccine in sight, can the industry avoid more colossal losses in the second half of […]

Omnichannel Marketing Success

6 Best Practices for Omnichannel Marketing Success

Omnichannel marketing is an iterative program design that allows brands to reach the same people over time across a combination of offline and online channels.   The underlying objective of any omnichannel marketing program?   To increase customer acquisition (or current customer value), reduce ineffective media, and realize operational efficiencies.  Many brands think they engage in omnichannel […]

Online travel agency

Did COVID Kill the Online Travel Agency?

Online travel agencies (OTAs) are the latest casualty of COVID-19, and that’s welcome news for the hotel brands seeing their own operations decimated by the global pandemic.  With consumers more focused than ever on personal health, it seems their long-standing obsession with rate parity (the backbone of the online travel agency operating model) is over. […]

Digital Marketing Since the Last Recession

The Evolution of Digital Marketing Since the Last Recession

Things have changed in digital marketing since the last recession.  As a matter of fact, they’ve changed a lot. That’s good news for brands still looking to resonate with prospective and current customers. Especially given the uniqueness of this recession and its neutralization of the more “traditional methods” of marketing: Billboards, event sponsorship, transit wraps, […]

cutting marketing spend in a recession

What History Says About Cutting Marketing Spend in a Recession

When the economy hits a brick wall, most brands look to cut one thing above all—the marketing budget. But based on available evidence, cutting marketing spend in a recession doesn’t make sense.  In fact, data shows that companies who stay the course with their marketing (i.e. the maintain spend as well as relevant, ROI-positive campaigns) […]

eBook: Assessing The Impact of Coronavirus on the European Automotive Industry

What’s happening in the industry, how brands are adapting, and where automakers need to focus moving forward.

Customer Intelligence From First-Party Data

Extracting Customer Intelligence From First-Party Data

There is a misguided belief amongst brands in all industries that first-party data is inherently valuable—it’s not. First-party data is only valuable if it can be translated into actionable insights that enhance a brand’s understanding of the customer. In other words, extracting customer intelligence from first-party data is where the true value lies. However, most […]

The Coronavirus is Leading to a Permanent Increase in Online Retail

COVID-19 is driving a permanent increase in online retail forcing household brands from Target to Walmart to Starbucks to change the way they do business forever. Learn more in this in-depth article from the Zeta Research Team.

Marketing Playbook: Rebuilding Retail

The retail industry is facing an unprecedented level of uncertainty – economic recession, coronavirus concerns, social-distancing mandates, and historic levels of unemployment.

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