What Every Marketer Needs to Know About Customer Retention

If you’re reading this post, you’re reading it because you want to understand what every marketer needs to know about customer retention. And why wouldn’t you?—After all, the best way for any brand to grow isn’t through new customer acquisition, but through current customer retention. How can you be sure?—Well, you don’t need to take […]

Last-Minute Marketing Trends for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

With the holidays almost here, marketers are busy finalizing campaign strategies and budgets to get the best results possible for their brands. To help you get the very most for your business heading into the all-important holiday season, here are some last-minute marketing trends for Black Friday and Cyber Monday that you need to know. […]

Are CDPs Worth the Investment?

Customer data management solutions are the #1 technology being implemented by enterprise companies right now, and CDPs in particular are at the top of every marketers wish list. But are CDPs worth the investment? Unfortunately, early research suggests they might not.  For example, one study found that almost 75% of marketers believe the implementation of new technologies (like […]

Projections Retailers Need to Know for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Holiday retail sales have grown by an average of 3.25% year over year (YoY) for the last 20 years. In fact, the only year in the last two decades where holiday retail sales didn’t increase YoY was 2008—the year of the Great Recession (that year, holiday retail sales declined by 4.7%). Although 2020 shouldn’t be […]

Retail Marketing: 5 Ways to Activate Customer Data for the Holiday Season

With Black Friday approximately six weeks away, now is an ideal time to figure out how to activate customer data for the holiday season. If you properly activate customer data for the holiday season, you’ll not only increase your Q4 sales—you’ll also increase customer lifetime value heading into the new year.  So with that said, […]

Introducing: Customer Data Management Plus More – Zeta’s CDP+

By: Christian Monberg, Chief Technology Officer & Head of Product at Zeta In the era of COVID-19, marketers are facing the ultimate challenge: acquiring new customers and growing existing relationships in a time where every brand is trying to do the same thing.  Understanding both customers and prospects in the context of their journey with […]

When to Use Last-Click Attribution

Modern marketers are quick to malign the use of last-click attribution. But the truth is, every attribution framework has strengths and weaknesses. In this blog, we’ll explore when to use last-click attribution for your business, and when to avoid it. What’s last-click attribution? To know when to use last-click attribution, you need to know what […]

The 3 Layers of Email Authentication Protocol

To succeed with scalable email marketing, it’s critical for brands to follow best practices for email authentication. In addition to playing a role in the acceptance of your email by an ISP, your authentication results will also play a role in determining inbox placement. Fail to use the right authentication methods, and your brand’s email […]

How to Enhance the Customer Experience During the Holidays

Every marketer wants to enhance the customer experience during the holidays, but few ever do. Why?—Because during the holidays customer expectations are INTENSE. In fact, they’re so intense that marketers only have a moment (and a brief one at that) to grab the attention of consumers and influence their actions. If your goal is to enhance […]

4 Tips to Boost Marketing ROI During the Holidays

For marketers working within the retail, eCommerce, and consumer packaged goods industries the holidays are P-R-E-T-T-Y important. And in the era of COVID-19—an era in which consumers are watching their discretionary spending more closely than any point since the Great Recession—the stakes are even higher. With so much on the line, it’s critical you do […]

The Impact of Cooperation on Incrementality Measurement: A Lesson From the CPG Industry

Cooperation between manufacturers and sellers is an important ingredient to the successful, accurate measurement of incremental sales. CPG manufacturers and CPG retailers have been focused on organic growth driven by incremental sales—using everything from UPC codes and loyalty programs, to merchandising management and shopper marketing—to increase sales by better targeting: The right offers At the […]

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