Forrester Consulting Opportunity Snapshot: CDPs Must Transcend Data Aggregation


5 Back to School Marketing Ideas for Retailers

Consider these 5 critical back to school marketing ideas as you prepare your 2021 strategy.

Why Using Retina Images for Email Is Crucial for Marketing Success

Increase subscriber engagement and trust by adding retina images for high-DPI displays.

Google is canceling third-party cookies

Google Presses “Pause” on Canceling Third-Party Cookies

Google delays the deprecation of third-party cookies until late 2023 as they look to support publishers while protecting users’ privacy.

What Makes a Great Email Newsletter?

Looking to elevate your email newsletter game? You’ve come to the right place!

How to Write Better Subject Lines in Less Time

Looking to craft stronger email subject lines that elevate your brand? You’ve come to the right place.

Inspiring Summer Marketing Campaigns You’ll Love

Don’t start summer with a stale marketing campaign. Maximize your creativity and do something original like the campaigns below!

5 B2C Marketing Statistics to Know for Summer 2021

Want to win when it comes to marketing to consumers this summer? Here are the stats you need to know to get ahead!

7 Tips for Writing Engaging Email Subject Lines

Think your email subject lines can be an afterthought? Think again!

New Data Shows Vaccinated Americans Are More Hesitant to Travel Than Unvaccinated Americans

Vaccine distribution is rolling, but many American’s remain hesitant to travel. As we approach the busy summer travel season, will the current trends hold?

5 Great Ideas for Unsubscribe Emails

Want to give people a truly thoughtful customer experience? Then you need to make sure your unsubscribe emails are on point. Here are 5 ways you can improve.

Examining AI and the Customer Experience

A great customer experience needs the right relationship marketing strategy. Here’s how Artificial Intelligence can help you get personal, at scale.

How to Use an Omnichannel Strategy for Your Retail Brand

As more customers become digitally connected consumers, an omnichannel strategy is an essential way to bridge the gap between offline and online retail.

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