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A Holiday Conundrum For Marketers: Differentiating Gifters From Customers

Part three of three. By: Julie Beggs   Holidays are the perfect time for marketers to measure customer consumption and transactional data. But it also provides a unique challenge: determining which of these purchase signals ties to an individual shopper’s customer profile. Do the constant gift-giving seasons make you create misleading conclusions about your customers? […]

Customer Loyalty and Data Capture Delivers for Marketers

Customer Loyalty and Data Capture Delivers for Marketers

Part two of three.   In the heart of any holiday season when buying activity is at its highest, marketers have a unique opportunity to deepen customer relationships through Loyalty Programs.  Initial sign-up incentives, like double points or “on-the-spot” discounts, are tactics that entice consumers to join a program.  These enrollment benefits also incent customers […]

Case Study: Activating High-Value Audiences Using Existing Customer Data

Blog Contributor: Ron Sadi We often hear from clients, that maximizing the full value of their customer data is challenging. Many brands only use a fraction of their first-party data to inform marketing programs, leaving real dollars on the table. What can enterprises do differently to leverage proprietary data to improve their marketing curriculums and increase […]

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Listening and Interpreting Customers’ Real Time Signals During Peak

Part one of three. What I Want Right Now May Change…so Marketers Pay Attention! By: Michael Lewis   I used to think that I could keep up with my teenagers’ constant changes. I now know better, that it’s next to impossible, and I’ve learned to adapt to this ever-changing world of plans being made, broken […]

Zeta Global at DX Summit 2018

Tackling Digital Transformation – Inside and Out

Blog Contributors: Tia Matsumoto & Caroline Droessler Last month, the fifth annual DX Digital Summit took place in Chicago and the theme was Digital Transformation. All of the fantastic content presented and Zeta’s belief in a holistic approach to experience-driven commerce convinces us that it is clear that Digital Transformation must happen across the entire eco-system of […]

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Consumer Holiday Expectations Are In

By David Daniels, CEO and Founder – The Relevancy Group Last week we had our annual Consumer Holiday Behaviors and Attitudes Webinar, sponsored by Zeta Global. The event was full of data and featured excellent discussion and insight from Zeta’s Tim O’Leary. You can watch the webinar on demand here. Some of the interesting findings […]

5 Ways to Transform Customer Data into Actionable Holiday Campaigns

With Black Friday quickly approaching, now is an ideal time to take a closer look at your customer data—and even check it twice—to make sure you are using it to its full potential. Do you know enough about your customers to generate actionable data-driven marketing campaigns for the holidays? Are you looking closely enough at the […]

The 12-Day Mobile-Driven Marketing Campaign that Brings Brands—and Customers—Happy Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching; a make-or-break time of year for brands, and especially retailers, to cross that threshold from being in the red to turning profitable. As marketers plan out their Peak campaigns they look to interact with customers by delivering offers that create urgency, drive store traffic and increase sales. If you’re […]

Is Your Peak Strategy Naughty or Nice; Identifying and Responding Effectively to This Year’s Key Trends

Consumer preferences, emerging technologies, demographics, buying habits and industries are changing faster than ever. As we race toward the heart of the holiday season, it’s crucially important that marketers adapt to these changes and evolve their strategies accordingly. Some trends are gaining momentum, giving nimble marketers opportunities to find growth and success. Others are plateauing […]

4 Important Ways to Connect with Customers and Drive ROI This Holiday Season

If you are working in retail, eCommerce, CPG and adjacent industries, the next few months could make or break your bottom line based on historical statistics. Last year, holiday sales alone accounted for 20% of retail industry revenue. With the stakes that high, it’s important to make sure you’re reaching target customers with the right […]

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Overcoming a Critical Retail Marketing Challenge: Customer Acquisition

Editor’s note: This article and interview were orchestrated by Zeta Global’s SVP of Customer Experience, David Schey. Connect with him and get more insights on LinkedIn. An interview with Brendan Witcher, Principal Strategist, eBusiness & Channel Strategy, Forrester Earlier this year we sat down with Brendan Witcher, principal strategist, eBusiness & Channel Strategy at Forrester to […]

Data in Motion: A Retailer’s Key to Fueling Customer Engines

Is your retail organization creating a journey map for both your brand and customer? If not, you may find yourself lost, looking for a new route. Listening and responding to client and prospect signals is the best way to correct course and reach your desired destination with consumers. Data in Motion vs. Stuck in Standstill […]

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