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10 Trends That Will Impact MarTech and The World in 2020

For data-driven marketers, the 2010s were a decade filled with both promise and new advancements for both the marketer and the consumer. The digital revolution brought enormous changes to the digital marketing industry, but in many instances, the long-term effects of those changes only began to be felt in 2019, as the decade drew to a […]

Consumers Want to Get ‘Personal’… Is AI Filling the Need?

As marketers, we’ve all heard about personalization, and personalized emails … and getting personal with consumers, but are we responding appropriately to propel our brands into the hearts and minds of consumers? Are we truly embracing person-based marketing, or are we faking it until we can make it? Perhaps we should be taking a closer […]

Building Audience Engagement for Publishers — An Interview with Daniel Ha

Daniel Ha is president of the Disqus Division, leading the growth of the audience development platform that’s popularly used by millions of content and brand publishers. He specializes in consumer-facing product strategy and go-to-market. Q. What are the most significant challenges online publishers are faced with today? Online publishers operate in an ever-shifting landscape and, […]

How to Follow a Customer-Centric Acquisition Marketing Approach — An Interview with Eric Presbrey

Eric Presbrey, president of Zeta’s ZX division, is charged with helping leading brands build digital audiences and create new customers. The Zeta ZX division works across all digital platforms, devices, formats, audiences and channels integrating Zeta’s platform with its Data Cloud containing 650M+ consumer profiles to build targeted audiences. Today, Eric is sharing how ZX […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] Exploring The Most Impactful Marketing Objective: Customer Retention

Businesses today have realized that the best way to grow is not by finding new customers, but by retaining the existing ones. In fact, acquiring a new customer can be 5-25x more expensive than retaining a current customer. Customer loyalty mostly comes from a pleasant customer experience. Millennials are even willing to spend up to […]

How Marketers Can Strengthen Their Brand Position Using Mobile Wallet Passes

Chad Starbuck, Zeta’s expert on all things mobile is sharing his insight on how Mobile Wallet can expand and enhance your brand’s exposure, delivering a highly personalized customer experience. Chad’s previous posts: provided tips on SMS, MMS, and App Push Notifications. Today, he is sharing his expertise on Mobile Wallet to help marketers actively engage […]

Are Misaligned Priorities and Organizational Silos Blocking Your Customer-Focused Marketing Strategies?

If you answered “Yes” to our title question, you are not alone. In a recent online survey of over 300 B2C marketing and IT professionals we conducted with Forrester Consulting, “misaligned priorities” and “organizational silos” topped the list of reasons why true customer-focused strategies could not be achieved. Key findings from the “Utilize a Change […]

Artificial Intelligence…We Need it to be Competitive Marketers, But What do we do With it?

Today we are talking to Christian Monberg, CTO of Zeta Global, and the founder of Boomtrain. Chris joined Zeta a few months ago when the company acquired Boomtrain. He is our resident AI/ML expert and is sharing his thoughts on how AI can be used effectively to propel your marketing efforts forward. Here’s the interview: […]

Understanding Semantic Analysis (And Why This Title is Totally Meta)

The purpose of this article is to explain what semantic analysis is, what it means in the context of

Avoid spam traps

Real-time Blacklist: SPAMHAUS

The SPAMHAUS Project is an international organisation, founded in 1998 to track email spammers and spam-related activity.

Reputation Warming

Email Deliverability: Reputation Warming

The process of reputation warming is all about establishing a relationship (and reputation) with ISPs so they view a sender as a legitimate mailer and not only accept the mail, but, ideally, place it into the inbox.

Email Deliverability Peak Season

Email Deliverability Guidelines: Peak Season

Without fail, mailing strategies adjust for almost all marketers during peak. It’s the time of the year when everyone is taking advantage of the high propensity for consumers

email deliverability best practices

Email Deliverability 101: Best Practices

In this whitepaper, we highlight the best practices that ensure maximum email deliveries.

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