Women in marketing

Brand Innovators Livecast Series: Women in Marketing

The Women in Marketing Livecast series keeps our community engaged, educated, and inspired. In this session, Sheryl Adkins-Green, Chief Marketing Officer at Mary Kay dives into a range of important topics from latest trends, technologies, challenges and opportunities. Click below to view the session moderated by Zeta Global’s Group VP of Global Strategy, Cynthia Janelli. […]

What Retail Businesses Can Learn From Amazon

What Retail Businesses Can Learn From Amazon

In the world of online retail, it’s Amazon and everyone else. While many factors allowed Amazon to climb to the top of the online-retail food chain, their ability to provide individual consumers with a personalized, 1:1 shopping experience is perhaps their biggest asset. The provision of a 1:1 retail experience at depth and scale isn’t […]

Zeta product updates

March Release Radar

Welcome to Zeta’s Product Release Radar, designed to keep you in the loop on powerful new updates and features we’ve released in our award-winning Zeta Marketing Platform! Subscribe below to stay updated on the latest and greatest innovations from Zeta. 

Restaurant Chains use Customer Data

Do Chain Restaurants Need Customer Data?

Customer data can be used to better shape the customer experience and drive higher lifetime value for individual locations and the entire brand.

Email deliverability landscape

Assessing the Email Deliverability Landscape in a Time of Crisis

The email deliverability landscape is changing rapidly due to COVID-19. While staying connected with customers and prospects is important during these uncertain times, it’s critical to remember that there’s a right way and a wrong way to do so. In this webinar, Email Deliverability in a Time of Crisis, we’ll explore the dramatic changes in […]

email campaigns

3 Email Campaigns Every Marketer Should Be Running

Do you know what email marketing campaigns your business should be running? Start doing email marketing the right way by investing in these three types of campaigns. The sooner you start these campaigns, the sooner you’ll see better business outcomes.

Two men discussing how the coronavirus will change marketing forever

Webinar Recap — The Acceleration of Analog to Digital: How the Coronavirus Will Change Marketing Forever

“The coronavirus will change marketing forever.” Those are bold words, but they come from a pair of bold men who know a thing or two about marketing: Zeta co-founders David Steinberg and John Sculley. (Yes, the same John Sculley that served as CEO of Apple from 1983 to 1993 and CEO PepsiCo from 1977 to […]

Mobile Quick-Serve Restaurants

Mobile Will Shape the Customer Experience in Quick-Serve Restaurants

A little over a year ago, fast-food giant Burger King executed an ingenious marketing campaign targeted at their #1 competitor, McDonald’s. The idea? Use geolocation data and a jaw-dropping price point ($0.01 for a Whopper) to incentivize consumers within 600 feet of a MickyD’s to avoid the golden arches and head to their nearest BK […]

A report on adtech And martech

Adtech and Martech Convergence Will Revolutionize Marketing

A Report by Forrester Research; With an introduction by Zeta Global

Searching for the opportunity for personalization

The Opportunity for Personalization Too Many Brands Miss

If you want to drive uplift in revenue and retention, then you need to find a new opportunity for personalization. In other words, it’s no longer enough to use a couple of tokens (e.g. ) in your next email campaign. You need to do MORE.  You need to personalize every customer interaction across every touchpoint.  […]

The Acceleration of Analog to Digital: How the Coronavirus Will Change Marketing Forever

Featuring: John Sculley (former Apple CEO and PepsiCo CEO & President, co-founder Zeta Global) and David A. Steinberg (co-founder, CEO Zeta Global) The influence of COVID-19 on the marketing industry will be felt long after the world has “flattened the curve” and the global economy has recovered—it will forever change how marketers do their job. […]

Fingerprint login authorization and cyber security concept. Blue integrated circuit with locks on background. Control access and authentication online.

Email 101: How Authentication Works and Why It Matters

Identity theft, hacking, spoofing, phishing, and other malicious activities are widespread problems across the Internet – especially email.  Why? Because the way in which an email is sent (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol aka SMTP) from one computer to another, actually allows for a computer to identify any domain as its sending domain and “from” address. […]

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