Zeta Global Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Email Marketing Service Providers, Q2 2020

We believe that in naming Zeta a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Email Marketing Service Providers, Q2 2020, Forrester recognizes our commitment to exceptional marketing technology powered by unique data.

Zeta product updates

January Release Radar

Welcome to Zeta’s Product Release Radar, designed to keep you in the loop on powerful new updates and features we’ve released in our award-winning Zeta Marketing Platform!


10 Trends That Will Impact MarTech and The World in 2020

For data-driven marketers, the 2010s were a decade filled with both promise and new advancements for both the marketer and the consumer. The digital revolution brought enormous changes to the digital marketing industry, but in many instances, the long-term effects of those changes only began to be felt in 2019, as the decade drew to a […]

Gen Z

How to Engage with Gen Z Customers

Entire generations have their identity defined by how they interact with technology June 13, 2019 Part of being a marketer means continually innovating your strategy. Particularly in the digital era, when new technology and engagement channels rapidly influence consumption trends, marketers have to ensure that they’re adapting their strategy to better engage customers and build lasting customer-brand […]

send time optimization

Pharmacy Chain Takes Advantage of Zeta’s Send Time Optimization

This innovative pharmacy helps people on their path to better health with nearly 10,000 retail pharmacies, over 1,000 walk-in medical clinics, nearly 80 million plan members and a dedicated senior pharmacy care business. The company enables people, businesses and communities to manage health in more affordable and effective ways.

data modeling

You Can’t Beat Amazon, But You Can Learn From Them

Many of today’s leading brands are forced to be fri-nemies with Amazon. It’s too valuable of a retail channel for CPGs and other brands to avoid or fight against. But some of the productive mechanisms powering the retail behemoth aren’t unique to them.

2019 Zeta Global Holiday Marketing Guide

Take a deep dive into our 2019 Holiday Marketing Guide to see the top trends and hot topics from our Zeta Data Cloud this holiday season!

Machine Learn, Not Machine Burn

You’re probably feeling stuck behind the curve if your team has yet to fully realize the power of AI-driven solutions. It’s time to find a way to infuse and elevate your marketing with AI. No matter where you’re at in your marketing maturity, it’s never too late to take the leap.

Boost Win-Back Rates and Demystify the Many-Faced Millenial

Learn how to cut through the noise to reach and win back dormant millennial consumers. See how you can build custom curriculums and real-time messaging triggers that empower marketers to automate parts of the win-back process, enabling scale across channels.

Signal Data, Powered By AI: Marketing’s Future State Requirements For Maximum ROI

Signal Data, Powered by AI: Marketing’s Future State Requirements for Maximum ROI Today’s marketers continue absorbing organizational responsibility and the technologies that come with that. The struggles are real, but marketers must find a way to work smarter to achieve core competencies to drive acquisition, optimize experiences and boost growth. Successful marketers are integrating artificial […]

Dominate Your AI Strategy to Reach Real Individuals. Right Now.

Dominate Your AI Strategy to Reach Real Individuals. Right Now.  Today’s consumers are bombarded with a constant stream of messaging all day, every day, across channels and devices. Marketers must find a way to cut through the noise across disconnected platforms with mix-matched integrations.     Successful marketers are employing artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing. These tools must be integrated into […]

data activation

Activate Consumer Data to Deliver Truly Valuable, Personalized Experiences at Scale

Brands unable to harness signals and utilize the full value of consumer data could lose market share. We were pleased to participate at Gartner Marketing Symposium 2019. We connected with so many great marketers and identified common pain points across the profession. What stands out most are the shared struggles around data activation. Whether it’s for driving acquisition, optimizing experience or boosting […]

Marketing Measurement and Attribution

Measurement and Attribution – Exploring a More Deterministic Approach

By: The Relevancy Group and Zeta Global Improving Measurement and Attribution is a Top Priority for Marketers Consumers today are engaging with brands online at a deeper level than ever before and doing so through more valuable and immersive inbox experiences. Email marketers are now truly able to deliver rlevant, personalized experiences that they once […]

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