What Will Marketing Look Like in 2021?

Zeta co-founders, CEO David A. Steinberg and John Sculley, as well as other notable visionaries across different industries, share their predictions for the New Year.

Digital Marketing Since the Last Recession

The Evolution of Digital Marketing Since the Last Recession

Things have changed in digital marketing since the last recession.  As a matter of fact, they’ve changed a lot. That’s good news for brands still looking to resonate with prospective and current customers. Especially given the uniqueness of this recession and its neutralization of the more “traditional methods” of marketing: Billboards, event sponsorship, transit wraps, […]

cutting marketing spend in a recession

What History Says About Cutting Marketing Spend in a Recession

Cutting marketing spend in a recession is a favorite move of CFOs. But if history is any indicator, cutting marketing spend is a terrible idea. Come see what the data says about the brands that keep marketing during a recession versus the brands that quit.

Customer Intelligence From First-Party Data

Extracting Customer Intelligence From First-Party Data

There is a misguided belief amongst brands in all industries that first-party data is inherently valuable—it’s not. First-party data is only valuable if it can be translated into actionable insights that enhance a brand’s understanding of the customer. In other words, extracting customer intelligence from first-party data is where the true value lies. However, most […]

The Coronavirus is Leading to a Permanent Increase in Online Retail

COVID-19 is driving a permanent increase in online retail forcing household brands from Target to Walmart to Starbucks to change the way they do business forever. Learn more in this in-depth article from the Zeta Research Team.

Importance of Marketing Messaging for Quick-Service Restaurants

The Importance of Marketing Messaging for Quick-Service Restaurants

What is the importance of marketing messaging for quick-service restaurants? What rules do QSRs and LSRs need to follow to do marketing messaging properly? These are questions every quick-service and limited-service restaurant needs to learn how to answer if they want to be successful marketing in the years ahead.

Zeta Digital Trends Update – Week of June 1st, 2020

Zeta’s Digital Trends Update offers insights on things like media spend, site engagement, internet traffic, and more. Digital Trends on the Up… Airtravel Retail  Hospitality Digital Trend FLAT or on the Decline… Video CPMs Display CPMs Out-of-Home Shopping  Consumers are resuming their normal commercial patterns as states ease back on social-distancing regulations. Strong consumer confidence […]

Help the Restaurant Industry Recover

Identity Resolution Will Help the Restaurant Industry Recover

To help the restaurant industry recover from the mind-boggling loss of business related to coronavirus, identity resolution is a MUST. This is especially true in the ultra-competitive space of fast-casual and quick-service dining.  Identity resolution links every customer touchpoint through a single, real-time portal that makes omnichannel personalization possible.  It is how restaurant brands can […]

Customer experience for car buyers

How to Improve the Customer Experience for Car Buyers

Improving the customer experience for car buyers is critical for both dealers and OEMs—it’s the easiest way to maximize retention and boost long-term sales. But how do you do it? Here are 3 best practices.

Identify Intent in Car Buyers

How Can You Identify Intent in Car Buyers?

There are many things automakers need to do if they want to successfully identify intent in car buyers. Among other things? Industry leaders need to blend their marketing platform with their data-management platform.

What makes data control so important

Data Talks Part 4: The All-Important Battle for Data Control

By watching Zeta Global’s Data Talks series, you’ll learn why the marketing and advertising industries are preparing to merge into one, unified industry, and how you can better prepare your organization for the post-digital future. Tune in to watch Forrester’s VP Principal Analyst Joe Stanhope talk with Zeta’s CTO Christian Monberg discuss!

Coronavirus is hurting the automotive industry

Coronavirus Is Hurting the Automotive Industry Beyond Sales

Coronavirus is hurting the automotive industry, but not in the way you might think. Yes, new car sales are down, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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