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Travel Insights for Winter 2021

2022 Travel Prepares for Takeoff, While Consumers Proceed Cautiously With 2021 Holiday Plans

What Is Incrementality Measurement and How Does It Work?

Read this blog to obtain a clearer picture of incrementality measurement—what it is, how it works, and why it matters for marketing professionals like you!

eCommerce: Boosting ROAS by More Than 30%

See how Zeta made it easier for Samsung to reach in-market customers, thereby boosting ROAS

How To Increase Customer Engagement With Website Personalization

When it comes to ecommerce, customers want three things from a website. They want to be able to browse products with ease. They want easy-to-access customer support. And they want a smooth, clean checkout process. There’s no better way to tick those three boxes than with personalization. In this blog, you’ll learn how you can […]

Why Email Can’t Be Overlooked for Customer Acquisition

Even in the midst of an increasingly dynamic technology landscape, email is the backbone of modern customer acquisition.

3 Next-Generation Lookalike Modeling Trends for Marketing and Advertising

Is lookalike modeling important to your marketing efforts? Here are 3 next-gen lookalike modeling trends you need to know.

How To Decrease Cart Abandonment With Website Personalization

Looking for ways to decrease cart abandonment on your site? Learn how website personalization can help in our latest blog.

What Does a Next-Generation ID Graph Look Like?

What’s the difference between a traditional ID graph and a next-generation ID graph? We cover the differences in this blog.

Automotive: Using Omnichannel to Increase Automotive Sales by 18%

See how Zeta helped Mitsubishi reach highly-motivated, in-market car-buyers no matter where they ventured online.

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