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10 Trends That Will Impact MarTech and The World in 2020

For data-driven marketers, the 2010s were a decade filled with both promise and new advancements for both the marketer and the consumer. The digital revolution brought enormous changes to the digital marketing industry, but in many instances, the long-term effects of those changes only began to be felt in 2019, as the decade drew to a […]

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8 Essential Questions to Maximize Your MMS Campaign

Thinking about using video and images to attract the attention of your customers via multimedia messaging service (MMS)? Our mobile expert, Chad Starbuck, is here today to share tips on integrating MMS into your mobile marketing mix to maximize your time, resources and budget. Increasing Effectiveness by Engaging the Senses  If you are feeling limited […]

unified view customers

Unified View of Customers – How Advanced Marketers Do It

Personalization is the invariable tool of choice for businesses that are actively trying to “delight” their customers. By offering personalized, memorable user experiences across all channels, businesses are aiming to convert their prospects and customers into lifelong customers and evangelists. Building a personalized experience for users starts with learning their behavior individually. Your customers are […]

retail marketing future

Predicting the Future of Retail Marketing

Change is clearly on the minds of marketing retailers.  Retail transformation has been a consistent theme dominating presentations and conversations throughout the first half of 2017 at events like CRMC and ShopTalk. Innovative retail brands are giving us a glimpse into the future, sharing some of their successes along the way. Here are some things […]

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What Makes a Good Email Copy? Characteristics of Compelling Templates

Drafting a good email copy is not everyone’s cup of tea. Just like writing, for some people it just comes naturally whereas some of us have to hunch over the keyboard and scratch our heads for eternity before we figure out the tone, structure and visual elements that would go in the email. While there […]

automated reports

Product Update: Introducing Automated Reports

Regular reporting on your campaigns and segments allows you to better evaluate your marketing efforts, helping you to keep a close watch on their performance. However, putting together daily, weekly or monthly reports can be an arduous task. With this in mind, we have launched Automated Reports, the latest enhancement to our reporting suite. You can […]

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Email marketing for B2B and B2C brands-How are they different?

The last century has witnessed a series of innovations that have dramatically changed the way we communicate with each other. From postal system and telegraphs to telephones and the internet, we have come a long way in a relatively short span of time. Especially in the past few decades during which the world has witnessed […]

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Bots Learn From What We Give Them, And Our History Should Act As a Warning

Note: This is a guest post authored by Yvonne Kiely. Yvonne is a journalist writing from Ireland, with a keen interest in examining and challenging the structures of popular normality. Music, gender, sexuality, tech, and politics are also topics of interest. (You can find her on Twitter here.) You’re going to be hearing about bots […]

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Emails Reaching Recipients’ Spam Folder? Here’s How To Avoid It

Note: This guest post has been authored by Reuben Yonatan. Reuben is the founder and CEO of GetVoIP and GetCRM, trusted VoIP and CRM comparison guides that help companies understand and choose a business communication solution for their specific needs. One of the most maddening frustrations for email marketers is to spend time crafting detailed content that can […]

upselling and cross selling

The Art of Upselling and Cross-selling to Your Customers Using Marketing Automation

The concepts of upselling and cross selling have been around for a long time. From traditional businesses like hotels & restuarants to new age enterprises like eCommerce; almost everyone uses them to increase their bottom line. However, most sales personnel are usually apprehensive of upselling. They get nervous while pitching extra services or add-ons to […]

attribution mix

The Attribution Conundrum – Understanding the Best Attribution Mix for Continued Growth

With 2017 at its halfway mark it’s the perfect time to assess your marketing performance and the analytic methods you use to measure growth. At Zeta, we help our clients improve their marketing performance through a variety of approaches, including attribution analytics. In a survey conducted by the Relevancy Group, Zeta Global confirmed that marketers […]

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How to Use Data Backed Marketing Automation to Earn Customer Loyalty

There was a time when most businesses just focused on customer acquisition in their marketing efforts. Brand loyalty was just a byproduct of the scheme of things. Today’s businesses however have to deal with a lot more competition and customers who are always ready to switch to a better brand; a brand that gives them […]

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