Accelerating Demand for Quick-Service and Fast-Casual Restaurants

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Restarting the quick-service restaurant industry won’t be easy. Especially as QSRs face an unprecedented level of uncertainty:

  • There’s a recession
  • Coronavirus is still around
  • Social-distancing isn’t going anywhere
  • Unemployment remains at historic highs

All THAT ☝️ is bad news when it comes to restarting the quick-service restaurant industry.

Fortunately, the news isn’t all negative…

  1. In-restaurant dining is a thing again
  2. Consumers are getting tired of cooking their own meals
  3. Thanks to the recession, people want value and convenience in dining

So, what can quick-service restaurants do to minimize the bad news and maximize the good? At Zeta, we believe a number of different steps can be taken in the coming months, including…

  •     Develop messaging that emphasizes the value and convenience offered by QSRs.
  •     Make better use of diverse consumer inputs like loyalty data, transaction data, and geo data.
  •     Deploy new solutions like ID resolution technology to improve each restaurant’s ability to advertise to potential diners when they’re hungry.

Again, these are just a few of the many steps QSRs can take. To see Zeta’s full list of suggestions for restarting the quick-service restaurant industry, please download your free copy of our newest eBook: Accelerating Demand for Quick-Service and Fast-Casual Restaurants.

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