Email Deliverability Services by Zeta

Deliverability Services

Deliverability Services

Did you know 1 in 5 emails never makes it to the inbox? Zeta’s Deliverability team helps clients identify the 20% not inboxing by proactively monitoring inbox placement trends, providing industry best practices and strategies, as well as maintaining strong and trusted relationships with ISPs and industry groups, such as M3AAWG and ESPC. By working with customers on optimizing their sending strategies on a regular basis, marketers’ chances of successfully delivering to the inbox increase significantly.

Onboarding Services

Moving from one ESP to another can be a painful process. Our team will work with you to make the transition as seamless as possible while maintaining the best inboxing and reputation. From custom warming plans to domain/IP configuration, whitelisting, feedback loop registration and inbox monitoring, we offer two packages to meet your specific needs.

Ongoing Email Delivery Services

Our Email Delivery Services packages offer ongoing services to customers by proactively monitoring your reputation, engagement levels and business strategies to solve problems before they harm your digital footprint. We offer three packages to meet your specific needs, whether it be weekly or monthly reporting, regular inbox placement monitoring or continued consulting. Each client gets a designated Deliverability manager to work with you and your team regularly.

Email Deliverability Analysis

Fully understanding your digital footprint in the industry is key to ongoing email success. Our team will work with you to audit several factors that are, or could be, affecting your reputation and deliverability footprint. We focus on reputation, engagement and business strategies.

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