Industry Report on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Marketing

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Consumers today are empowered with the upper hand when making purchasing/transactional decisions. The competition between brands, thus, is increasingly intensifying in the digital space. Only the brands who provide the most value, with the most engaged audience will stand out.

To achieve that, marketers are now turning to a new bouquet of tools that enhance every customer’s digital experience. These new-age tools take help of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms to understand users’ behavior and offer an individualized experience.

Providing a personalized, contextual experience not just influences a consumer’s decision to buy, it also makes them more likely to stay loyal to your brand. Artificial Intelligence algorithms play a vital role in bridging the gap between customer data and analytics. Finding meaning in the smallest of customer behaviors, differences in interactions and transactions can make all the difference to building new marketing strategies that engage and convert better.

In our eBook — “Industry Report on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Marketing” — we break down four of the most-critical Artificial Intelligence powered technologies. It will help you include Artificial Intelligence in your Marketing campaigns to optimize performance.

The eBook talks about the following:

  • Which Artificial Intelligence technologies work best for marketing and why
  • Which brands are succeeding using these technologies
  • The impact you can expect to see by using AI in your marketing
  • How to get started with AI for your marketing strategy


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