Announcing Boomtrain’s Integration with Segment

Boomtrain Integration with Segment for marketers

Modern digital marketing teams demand efficiency, but using different technologies often adds layers upon layers of complexity — making that goal difficult to achieve. Enter Segment: this product is a lifesaver for marketers, empowering them to easily leverage multiple data and event flows to deliver the best customer experiences.

We’re thrilled to announce Boomtrain’s beta integration with Segment. With this partnership, marketers can implement powerful AI-powered personalization with virtually no hassle.

“Our new Segment integration unlocks exciting potential for customers using their services,” says Neej Gore, Boomtrain’s senior vice president of business operations. “Boomtrain’s artificial intelligence capabilities can now enable personalization by flipping a virtual switch.”




With the ability to leverage data and event flows from Segment APIs, Boomtrain customers can now easily implement personalization and automation without complicated developer work. For example, if a Boomtrain customer is tracking shopping cart abandonment with Google Analytics, she can use Segment to push those events back to Boomtrain, and then trigger personalized messages based on them — no custom coding required.

Segment customers will now have the ability to leverage artificial intelligence within their existing marketing stacks, further increasing their top-line marketing KPIs with dynamic content and real-time personalization.

The beta version of this integration is currently open for a limited number of Boomtrain customers.

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