Boomtrain Marketing Engine: August Update

Improved Visibility into Campaigns & Performance

Is there such a thing as too much information? We don’t believe so, especially not with today’s technologies that help you sort through it all. These past months we set our sights on providing you more information about the workings of the Boomtrain Marketing Engine. The result? A new analytics interface and greater transparency into campaigns.

Boomtrain Analytics

Now available from a single location within the UI, Boomtrain Analytics bring you new and easier-to-use tools to understand and explore your campaigns, audience, and content. Access them by clicking the “Reports” tab from any Boomtrain Marketing Engine page.

The Summary Analytics page gives you an at-a-glance overview of any of your campaigns. Use the selector at the top left to choose a campaign, choose a date range, and you’ll find statistics and charts to indicate the basics of your campaign’s performance, including volume, engagement rates, and deliverability metrics.


To dig further into your campaign performance on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or to compare the performance between two of your campaigns, check out the Campaign Analytics page. Choose up to two campaigns to compare basic performance rates and total engagement volume side-by-side over any window and frequency granularity.


Content Analytics will help you understand which content your users are engaging with in your emails. Use this page to access an aggregated view of what your users are engaging with from your campaigns.


Boomtrain’s new Audience Analytics page gives you insight into all of your user segments, allowing you to see trends in growth of your audience, either across all users or for a particular segment. See for details on how you can set up user segments to create dynamic or static segments, which will help you to fine-tune your view of your users and to execute better-targeted campaigns.

Note to Current Customers: The launch of the new Boomtrain Analytics module coincides with the removal of the Boomtrain Insights Beta (Insights tab) from the product.



Campaign Behavior Lookup

You can now quickly reference campaign behaviors that are being observed for an account. Mouse over its details to see a description and a complete definition of its behavior.



Campaign status


As soon as you launch a Broadcast campaign, you will be able to see a live progress of its status prior to being Sent. The pre-send statuses are split into four categories:


Computing: In this phase, eligible population is computed by extracting Segment members, applying exclusions, removing unsubscribed members and fetching external data for Dynamic campaigns.

Preparing: This is the phase where business rules such as global and segment-level frequency settings are applied, variables are substituted, unsubscription status is re-checked and messages get prepared for sending.

Sending: This phase runs in parallel to preparing where messages are delivered to the provider (SendGrid or as configured).

Sent: Once it reaches this state, this section is replaced with ‘Sent’ time. The Stats count section (Sent, Delivered, Opened…) starts being populated thereafter. Please note that there could be a small delay in getting the Stats count, so in the interest of transparency, we will also be showing the “Last computed x minutes ago” near the stats section.


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