Boomtrain Partners with Startups Give Back at the All Stars Talent Show

We have all witnessed the potential of young people in our lives. As we grow older, life enriches us with opportunities to pass the skills and knowledge we have attained over the years onto these individuals. Today’s youth can best equip themselves with the tools to forge a brighter future by spending time with seasoned leaders. This is key for the next generation to accomplish more than the previous. Last week Boomtrain had the opportunity to partner with Startups Give Back at the 34th All Stars Talent Show.

Startups making a Difference

Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown, founder of Startups Give Back

Founded by Jeremy Brown, Startups Give Back creates volunteering opportunities where startups venture out of their offices and work together to help nonprofits in their community. The organization specializes in creating memorable moments where you get away from your desk, step out of the office, and make a meaningful difference immediately. Brown speaks about what motivated him to found Startups Give Back, “I joined a large company (10,000+ employees globally) out of college that had plenty of resources (money and people), but not one time did we ever give back during my time there. When I left that company and joined a small startup, my first week there we went out and volunteered as a team. Knowing that a large organization wasn’t making much of an effort to give back, but a small startup with limited resources was, didn’t sit well with me. That was the spark that ignited the idea of Startups Give Back.” Brown’s company presents a creative approach to connect people and create opportunities for youth, startups, and non-profits. Community cultivating events like these casually connect people of different backgrounds and present young people professional development opportunities.

Transforming Lives using the Power of Performance

Dr. Elouise Joseph, Director of the All Stars Project of San Francisco

The All Stars Project is a 35-year old, privately funded, national nonprofit youth development organization, with an innovative and successful approach to engaging poverty. In the All Stars Talent Show, young people learn new performances onstage and off. They try new things, become more worldly, and begin to create new possibilities for themselves and their communities. Dr. Elouise Joseph (also known as Dr. J), Program Director of the All Stars Project of San Francisco, shared her thoughts on the talent show, “The Bay Area All Stars’ talent show at PianoFight in the Tenderloin community had all the elements of the best of the All Stars community building approach – bringing together people who don’t usually come together to support the growth and development of inner city young people at a fun, full day of activity that included an audition, performance workshop and talent show. Every performer was supported by a diverse volunteer team and applauded by a raucous Congratulations Chorus from Boomtrain & Startups Give Back. Other supporters included All Stars donors; Board members and other business partners; civic and community partners; and family and friends from the Tenderloin community and around the Bay.”ASTN SF Logo

For some of the performers, it was their first time performing in public. Our Boomies were dedicated to ensure that they had a platform to feel brave and confident. We encouraged and cheered on the performers as they completed their auditions. The event presented a fantastic opportunity to show support for the youth who are focusing their talent and passion towards good use.

Wilson Lee, Sales Development Lead at Boomtrain

Boomtrain Sales Development Lead Wilson Lee spoke about how he thought the event created a positive impact upon the community, “Growing up in San Francisco, I knew the Tenderloin was one of the rougher neighborhoods in the city. Seeing the support of the All Stars and the happiness and confidence of the neighborhood youth who came out to perform was great to see.”

People of all ages can learn from this event and the young people in our communities. Children and teens are able to see every day as an adventure, something we all should strive to experience like we did when we were growing up. A favorite quote from Boomtrain Product Engineer Jacob Chan puts it best, “I believe everyone has something to learn from any other human being, whether it be through conversation, observation, or collaboration.”

Interested in becoming a Boomie and participating in events such as the All Stars Talent Show? Check out our careers page.

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