Boomtrain Now Available on the SAP Store: Bill Rojas from SAP Speaks About It and More

Boomtrain’s AI-based marketing engine helps enterprises such as CBS Interactive, Dow Jones and communicate with their customers in a highly personalized, 1:1 level. Boomtrain provides enterprises the ability to answer fundamental questions of who-what-when-where-why and helps deliver a fulfilling brand experience across channels such as website, email, mobile and in-app.

Now, the Boomtrain Marketing Engine (BME) solution has achieved certified partnership and is available on the SAP Store. We spoke about it in detail in our announcement article.

Boomtrain Marketing Engine now available on the SAP Store

We got in touch with Bill Rojas, Senior Director of Business Development and Digital Transformation at SAP to talk more about this relationship.

In the following interview, Bill explains how SAP customers can benefit from using BME on top of their SAP technology stack.

1) The SAP Store has a lot of impressive technology tools. What were some important reasons for you to pursue onboarding the BME solution on the Store?

SAP Store customers want to buy and use software apps in the same way they buy shoes from Amazon or buy songs from iTunes. If they find an offering from SAP or a third-party that is priced right and that solves one of their business challenges, they want to try it, buy it and deploy it in minutes. Boomtrain Marketing Engine – Lite was an easy choice for SAP to onboard and promote to our customers because our customers are looking at technology trends like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to learn more about their own customers. What Boomtrain is doing is redefining the future of marketing with personalized, one-to-one marketing, and that is brilliant.

2) Do you think millennials have a higher expectation from brands today when it comes to personalization and relevancy of marketing?

Millennials are immune to traditional marketing and their marketing consumption is done mostly from their mobile devices. If you want millennials to buy and use your product, you are going to need personalized communication with solutions that deliver cost-effective predictive content recommendations for an up-to-the-minute profile for each user, and with a consistent user experience across the web, email and mobile devices.

3) What role do you think AI will play in enhancing the performance of marketing automation?

If you are a company that is trying to analyze users’ behavior from their own preferences and matches content and products with individuals, using AI tools will be a requirement for survival of your business. Without it, investment in marketing automation will not be effective in reaching the right customers with the relevant content. By using AI and Machine Learning, Boomtrain is picking up other attributes from customer’s behavior: what they’re viewing, what they’re buying, where they are located, etc.

4) Boomtrain allows businesses to provide a seamless omnichannel experience to their users — across websites, mobile devices, emails, push notifications, etc. How important is going omnichannel in the current marketing scenario?

Earlier, I mentioned that traditional marketing is no longer effective and personalized communication based on customer’s buying behavior will rule. Marketing is costly, so the more targeted you are, the greater the chance you will achieve your required ROI.
With omnichannel marketing, companies must cater to buyers who are well-informed about what they want. Information about your product needs to be available on all the channels buyers use (e.g., mobile phones, tablets, etc.). This is because most buyers today do their own personal research before using their wallet. They read product reviews, they do online searches, and they use social media to make sure they buy the right product.

5) Which businesses do you think can benefit the most from AI-based marketing?

There is no specific Line-of-business (LOB) over others that will benefit from AI-based marketing. Instead, it will be brands in general that will find ways to be effective in executing personalized marketing that is cost-effective. This will include predictive content recommendations with seamless user experience across the web, email and mobile devices.

6) Tell us a little bit about where you see the marketing landscape headed in the coming few years. How important are marketing-automation tools going to be in a marketer’s arsenal?

With the revolution of social media and the understanding of buying behavior of millennials, companies will be forced to find ways to build brand loyalty and marketers will be expected to be highly effective with their go-to-market (GTM) tactics. Tailoring marketing campaigns to dynamically populate individually relevant content across channels will become the norm. Marketers will be expected to have such personalized customer engagement as part of their marketing-automation strategy and they will be looking at solutions that bring together marketing automation and Artificial Intelligence to fulfill the need.

Final Thoughts

Enterprises use Boomtrain to offer a personalized experience to attract and engage customers. Many of them have achieved stupendous results with their marketing campaigns: increased pageviews 2x using personalized content recommendations, ENDURO doubled its website traffic from emails and UpOut increased email click-through rate by 200%.

You, too, can leverage Boomtrain’s AI-powered marketing engine to improve engagement and conversion rates across channels.

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