SAP Partners With Boomtrain Marketing Engine

SAP Boomtrain Partnership

SAP, one of the world’s leading enterprise software companies, has always strived to deliver greater value to its customers. SAP achieves it by empowering customers with advanced business solutions that are state-of-the-art in nature.

To that end, SAP now offers Boomtrain’s AI based marketing engine on its online marketplace, the SAP Store. Notably, Boomtrain is the first marketing automation engine to be featured on the SAP Store.

Boomtrain Marketing Engine now available on the SAP Store
Boomtrain as featured on the SAP Store

As succinctly described by Dheeraj, Director of Partnerships at Boomtrain, ”The platform takes the concept of personalized, one-to-one marketing to an entirely new level, using these advanced technologies.

Boomtrain is set to help SAP customers deliver highly-personalized, automated content across all marketing channels such as email, push notifications, website, and mobile. Bill Rojas, Senior Director, Business Development & Digital Transformation at SAP, termed it “marketing on steroids” in his recent article.

Bill explains, “Boomtrain analyzes users’ behavior from their own preferences and matches content with individuals. For example, even though you and I both subscribe to GQ, we would each receive a completely different newsletter from the publisher including only personally relevant content.

The power of Boomtrain can be realized across a range of channels. From providing predictive content on website and email to sending triggered push notifications and messenger chats, Boomtrain does it all. This personalized communication can be effective at creating a loyal customer base and building better brand recall.

Boomtrain's AI based Marketing Engine
Omnichannel reach with Boomtrain Marketing Engine

Bill adds, “Marketers can set up highly individualized email campaigns, beginning with a welcome email when you subscribe, for example, and then dynamically populate emails with predictive recommendations. What a great way to promote engagement, and even create an emotional connection with your brand. Another beautiful aspect of the technology is that it lets marketers be more creative by eliminating the tedious legwork involved in personalizing recommendations and messages.

The Boomtrain dashboard also offers a comprehensive Reporting and Analytics functionality. Enterprises can use it gauge the performance of their marketing campaigns and also, to identify their most engaged users.

Nick Edwards, CEO at Boomtrain, shares how SAP customers will be benefited from this partnership: “SAP customers build competitive advantage through the use of SAP’s technologies and trusted partners. By adding a modern approach to marketing automation powered by Boomtrain to their existing SAP technology stack, SAP customers will be able to amplify those efforts.

Boomtrain is available on the SAP Store as an affordable starter version, Boomtrain Marketing Engine Lite. It offers SAP customers an advanced marketing automation — with a machine learning framework — for their technology stack. Customers can later scale up to an even more sophisticated functionality.

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