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Search Abandon

Events Needed:

  • search
  • update_cart (optional, used for exclusions)
  • purchase (optional, used for exclusions)

Data Needed:

  1. If you are using lastPurchase date as an exclusion, you’ll need to create that user property. Navigate to Users > User Properties > Your Properties, and select “Add Property”.
  2. Create a property called “lastPurchase”, of type “last_occurrence”, with activity name “purchase”. This property will always capture the date and time of the most recent purchase for every customer.
  3. Create a segment to capture your exclusions. Navigate back to All Users, and use the filter tool to create your audience, as shown. You will want to filter out:
    • (optional) all users who have made purchases recently – we recommend 14 days as a starting point.
    • (optional) all users who have items in their shopping cart (since those users should be getting an abandoned shopping cart email).image05
  4. Save your segment and be sure to check the “keep this segment updated” box to ensure your segment is always up to date.
  5. Navigate to Activities > Behaviors and create a new behavior, like below. In the “within” box, enter how long you want to wait for the user to come back to your site before you send your abandon email. We recommend 3 hours for a first follow-up. Name and save your behavior.
  6. Create a triggered email, give it a name, and select your new behavior as the trigger.
  7. Set your filters using the filter tool. Add your exclusion segment that you created to the “Not Included in segment(s)” box, as shown below.*IMPORTANT* – If you are NOT using our double opt-in feature, you MUST use the “User Properties” section to make sure you are only including subscribed users, as shown below. If you are not sure if you’re using double opt-in, contact
  8. Compose your message – we recommend using our A/B testing feature to maximize your results!
  9. Edit your delivery settings to set how frequently a user may qualify for this specific message. We recommend only once every 30-90 days, so you’re not bombarding your shoppers with too many emails. Once that’s complete, you can activate your message, and you’re finished.

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