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Social Share – Thank You

Events Needed:

  • socialShare
  1. Navigate to Campaigns > Triggered and create a triggered email. Give it a name and select the activity “socialShare” as the trigger.
  2. Set your filters using the filter tool.*IMPORTANT* – If you are NOT using our double opt-in feature, you MUST use the “User Properties” section to make sure you are only including subscribed users, as shown below. If you are not sure if you’re using double opt-in, contact
  3. Compose your message – we recommend using our A/B testing feature to maximize your results!
  4. Edit your delivery settings to set how frequently a user may qualify for this specific message. Depending on the tactics you’re using to promote social sharing, you may want to set this email to go out as often as “everytime the user qualifies”, or maybe just once per day, or possibly even less frequently. In the example below, we have elected to only send this email to a user 1 time in a 30 day period.
  5. Once this is set, click activate, and you’re finished.

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