Thursday, April 16th at 12 PM EDT

The Acceleration of Analog to Digital:
How the Coronavirus Will Change Marketing Forever


John Sculley

David A. Steinberg

(former Apple CEO and PepsiCo CEO,
co-founder Zeta Global) 

(co-founder, CEO Zeta Global) 

The influence of COVID-19 on the marketing industry will be felt long after the world has “flattened the curve” and the global economy has recovered—it will forever change how marketers do their job.

The marketers who will have an advantage will be the ones who produce more high-value customers through digital experiences, resulting in 70-80% cost savings as compared to traditional methods.

In this webinar, you’ll hear John Sculley (Former CEO of Apple, Former President of PepsiCo, and Co-Founder of Zeta Global) and David Steinberg (Co-Founder and CEO of Zeta Global), discussing how brands can navigate marketing during crisis while engaging with the most digital and media savvy consumers of all time.  

They’ll also share their suggestions for:

  • Engaging with and converting more high-value, lifetime customers with a higher return on investment.
  • Strategically marketing in the midst of the current crisis.
  • “Future Proofing” your business in a world that’s becoming digital-first. 
  • Lowering the costs of marketing through the addressability and measurement of digital.
  • Creating results-driven campaigns that thrive even in times of uncertainty.
  • Being more intentional with spend through the use of better attribution.
  • Accelerating your brand’s transition from linear to connected TV.

And much more!

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Meet Our Speakers

John Sculley

John Sculley is one of America’s best-known business leaders, with one foot in the storied history of Apple technology and the other planted firmly in 21st century innovations that change the way the world does business. Few entrepreneurs have been as successful across so many fields as Sculley. Best known today as the former CEO of Apple Computer, Sculley’s corporate career began in 1967 when, armed with a Wharton MBA, he was hired by Pepsi-Cola Company as a trainee. Three years later, he became the company’s youngest vice president for marketing, applying his ideas about “experience based marketing” to the Pepsi Generation campaign. He initiated the Pepsi Challenge taste tests, and oversaw development and launch of the first plastic soft drink bottle, which together dethroned Coca-Cola. By 1977, Sculley was Pepsi-Cola Company’s youngest President & CEO. Sculley is the author of MOONSHOT! Game Changing Strategies on How to Build a Billion Dollar Business. Sculley is managing partner of Sculley Family Office with his wife Diane and they reside in Palm Beach, Florida.

David A. Steinberg

David A. Steinberg is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zeta Global, a data-powered marketing technology company that combines the industry’s third largest data set (2.4B+ identities) with results-driven AI to unlock consumer intent, personalize experiences and drive customer growth. Under Steinberg's leadership, the company has been listed by Forbes as one of America's 50 Most Promising Private Companies and is frequently referenced as a “tech unicorn” by leaders throughout the industry. Steinberg’s 30+ years of experience have all been dedicated to shaping the technology and marketing industries, including building not one, but two billion dollar businesses, as the Co-Founder of InPhonic, the largest seller of wireless phones and communications products, and as Chairman and CEO of Sterling Cellular. Beyond his work as an executive leader, Steinberg dedicates his time and expertise to advising companies, founding the CAIVIS Investment Corporation in 2007 and sitting on numerous Boards. He attended Washington & Jefferson College where he obtained a B.A in Economics in 1991. 

Why Should You Register?

In a post-COVID world, budgets will come back, but there will be a new normal—consumers won’t be where they used to, and they won’t be interacting with content the same way they did before. As a result, marketers will have to be more intentional with their spend. They’ll need to focus on new, efficient channels that allow for data-driven targeting, contextual messaging, and detailed attribution. This webinar is your opportunity to gain actionable insight from two successful executive leaders with more than 80+ years of combined marketing experience.  

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