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Boost Win-Back Rates and Demystify the Many-Faced Millenial

Learn how to cut through the noise to reach and win back dormant millennial consumers. See how you can build custom curriculums and real-time messaging triggers that empower marketers to automate parts of the win-back process, enabling scale across channels.

Today’s customers are constantly signaling what they want and how they want it. It’s up to marketers to properly interpret these signals and respond accordingly, especially for inactive c

Blanket “we miss you” messages are no longer enough and will drive inactive customers further away from your brand – especially millennial consumers.

Marketers must optimize their win-back strategies by engaging customers with relevant content in the moments that matter. Demystifying the many faces of the millennial is a great way to launch this win-back strategy. 

This is the topic of Winnie Shen and Michael Lewis’ most recent webinar. See the recording below to learn more about the win-back strategies and best practices they provided. You’ll also see their deep dive analysis on the vast and valueable millennials, with their $1.4 Trillion forecasted purchasing power by 2020.

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