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Micro Moments That Matter: What Your Customer Really Needs

Do you look at micro moments to hyper-personalize your omnichannel customer experiences?  More so, to increase revenue and customer retention?

Tune in to this complimentary 60-minute webinar from Zeta co-hosts Michael Lewis, Group VP of Retail and Jason Hornik, Zeta VP of Strategy and uncover how best to hyper-personalize your omnichannel customer experiences through “micro moments” to increase revenue and customer retention.

In this webinar, they dive into why micro moments aren’t always about ecommerce paths for your customer but about how marketers need to look at the human side of the equation:
· What does it take to create micro moments?
· What do you want to personalize for your customer?

Learn how marketers and retailers can better engage and retrain customers through “micro moments” that help truly understand what the customer/audience really need.


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