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We are Zeta Global

We make it easier for the world’s leading brands to master 1:1 marketing at scale – what we call Person-based Marketing. We combine individual-level data, marketing automation and Artificial Intelligence to identify and engage the right consumers with personalized experiences that are relevant, valuable and inspiring. Our data cloud contains billions of unique profiles and signals which seamlessly integrates with our patented AI marketing cloud to help marketers acquire, retain, and grow customer relationships that increase revenue, build loyalty, and improve marketing ROI.

How to Win at Person-Based Marketing?

Master the new Golden Rule.

Consumers have changed. They are filtering, sharing, experiencing – Connecting – like never before. Finding, breaking through and engaging with the Connected Consumer requires a new set of tools – and a new set of rules. Treating consumers how you want to be treated – the Golden Rule of yore – is the past. Designing journeys based on static analysis and personal bias is a recipe for erosion of trust, performance and ultimately ROI.

Succeeding with the Connected Consumer requires marketers to learn the New Golden Rule – treat consumers how they want to be treated. This is based on real time behavioral signals, predictive analytics and breakthrough AI.

Zeta makes it easier for marketers to master the New Golden Rule.

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Our Approach

Signals at Scale

Zeta’s enterprise data management infrastructure enables you to capture and act-on all first party and third party signals in real-time, and more importantly, differentiate between the ones that matter and the noise. Extend your understanding and build a true 360 degree view.

Person-Based Design

Identify critical touch points within the 1:1 customer journey and design unlimited pathways built for each individual. Zeta’s integrated team of marketers, strategists, analysts, designers, developers and campaign operations, will activate your brand through intelligent interactions with each customer.

Deploy with Zeta AI

The task of delivering great marketing has become very complex. Zeta AI lives at the heart of our technology stack and automates and optimizes every campaign deployment to deliver the best ROI.

The World’s leading brands are growing their business with Zeta

Learn how you can grow your business with Zeta

Chris Fowler
Manager, Co Name.
Ask customers to record a short testimonial video on their smartphone discussing what they enjoy most about your brand. Then, showcase them at critical points in the buyer’s journey. A short testimonial video on their smart-phone discussing what they enjoy most about your brand.

Case Studies


retail case study zeta
Pharmacy chain gains from Zeta’s send time optimization.

Witnessed an 120% increase in open rate and 150% increase in click rate.


Finance case study zeta
A national bank utilizes Zeta for customer communication.

Two-fold increase in open rate and over 2400% lift in click to open rate!


travel case study zeta
Travel non-profit leverages Zeta’s Sense & Serve Program.

Captures more subscribers in one week than the whole of previous year.

Latest News and Events

News | Jul 18, 2017

Zeta Global Buys Boomtrain To Make Its Marketing Cloud Smarter

The acquisition is Zeta’s 10th in 10 years, and its third in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Boomtrain’s headquarters will become Zeta’s Silicon Valley Center of Excellence…

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Event | Mar 13, 2017

Zeta Global Honored as #1 Enterprise Platform in the Ninth Annual Email Vendor Features & Functions Guide

Zeta Global scored the highest marks on the Enterprise Overall Scorecard as compared to other leading players in the industry. Zeta also received a perfect score of 5.0 on the scorecards…

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