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Retail Whitepaper: Content, Context and Trust

Identify the golden customer opportunities for retail marketing

Retail is experiencing a watershed of change, as evolving technology constantly challenges brands to keep pace. As the retail sector moves towards a more frictionless on and offline experience, the key challenge of being able to understand, anticipate and act on customer needs is becoming ever more complex.

Delivering a great customer experience is critical, and brands who do not place timely and valued customer communication and engagement as a top priority will quickly see themselves falling behind.

This national research study from Zeta Global factors in how the path to purchase is changing, and determines key gaps in the retailer’s ability to anticipate shopper needs which have to be filled.

Download your free white paper now and discover how to:

– Identify moments that matter to specific individuals when shopping
– Make the most of a personalised shopping experience
– Build stronger, better, faster customer relationships
– Keep up with customer demands and future proof your business