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Women’s Leadership Initiative



If you’re interested in joining the Women’s Leadership Initiative, click here to register:


We’ll reach out shortly to let you know about upcoming exciting events, activities and opportunities.

Remember, all Zeta employees, women and men, are encouraged to participate.

See our most recent Women’s Leadership Initiative webinars:

Watch Stephanie D’Sa, VP of International Customer Experience, discuss Marketing Psychology Within the Context of the Customer Journey.

Stephanie highlight the strategic marketing and customer experience thinking we can bear in mind when working with our clients’ marketing programs. Learn more about marketing psychology, and how it plays an integral role in creating meaningful connections with customers.

Watch Hema Vara, VP of Global Accounts EMEA, lead our inagural Career Story Conversations.

Our hope is that you’ll gain ideas and inspiration on how to progress or succeed in your own career with these real-life career stories. In this inaugural conversation, you’ll learn more about Hema, how her career started and how she got to the role she plays at Zeta.



Zeta’s growth and success has been the result of great people. We appreciate and celebrate that talent, in all forms, and are committed to creating an environment where we foster the development of the best and the brightest.


We are happy to outpace the tech industry with more than our fair share of female talent, but we won’t stop there.

The Women’s Leadership Initiative gives you the opportunities to:

  • Gain mentorship and leadership experience
  • Build knowledge and experience across our technology and disciplines
  • Become a thought leader with visibility both inside and outside of Zeta

Zeta Women’s Leadership Initiative

Zeta is committed to creating more visibility for all women across the organization, providing a forum to connect and celebrate successes both internally and externally.

We want to create an environment where women feel empowered to grow their careers at Zeta. Our core ambition is to increase the number of women in leadership positions and the number of women at Zeta, as well as create a pipeline of future female leaders.

Zeta is dedicated to creating an environment where everyone can bring their true selves to work and feel confident to take ownership of their own careers.

Our Values:

1. Inclusive – Accept and embrace individuals from all backgrounds and varying points of view to truly learn from one another.

2. Positive – A fundamental belief in positive outcomes with a focus and dedication in making things happen.

3. Proactive – Practical innovators who are constantly re-inventing and finding new solutions for our teams and clients.

4. Collaborative – Collaboration across all levels and functions to deliver the most impactful outputs for our clients and the business.

5. Responsible – It is up to us, and it is our responsibility to pursue our own careers and success.

Please reach out to with any questions!


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