ZetaHub for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

ZetaHub for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Smarter Marketing Automation Powered by Artificial Intelligence

The AI Marketing Platform

Imagine a world where you spend less time deploying marketing campaigns and more time connecting with your audience. ZetaHub’s Smart Marketing Platform helps you understand and communicate with your customers on an individual level, at any scale.



Unified view of your customers

Your users are telling you – through their actions and preferences – exactly what they want. You need to be listening. ZetaHub processes and analyzes billions of data points to give you a single unified view of each customer that evolves as they do.


AI-Powered Predictive Intelligence

AI-powered insights give you the advantage of understanding each customer at an individual level and enable you to act on that understanding, automatically and in real-time. ZetaHub shows you precisely who to target, what to say and when to reach out to, so you can achieve the outcomes that matter to your business.



Omni-Channel Marketing Automation

Create 1:1 communication for every customer, in every channel. Define dynamic segments and schedule triggered messages across email, push and SMS. Chat live at precisely the right moment. Build sites and apps that surface individually personalized content. In short, be more relevant everywhere you connect with your customers.

ZetaHub offers you a comprehensive set of features:

Omni-Channel Marketing Automation

Email |Push |Onsite |In App
Messenger |Lightbox

Dynamic Segments and Smart Triggers

Actvity segments | Behavior segments
Interest segments

AI-powered 1:1 Experiences

Content Recommendations |Product Recommendations
Prime Time Messaging

Unified Customer Data and Insights

Customer insights |Content insights
Performance Analytics

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