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ZetaHub for Media or Publishing

Artificial Intelligence Marketing for Media or Publishing

Offer Highly-Personalized Content to Readers, and Increase Engagement and Retention.

ZetaHub helps you boost page views, time-on-site, CTORs and ultimately revenue.

Machine learning that optimizes for every type of publisher.
Our Artificial Intelligence automatically optimizes for engagement in real time by understanding the relationships individual users have with the content you have published. By combining hundreds of our AI models with the notion of multivariate optimization, we deliver delightful experiences that are perpetually adapting to your users.

What can ZetaHub do for you?

Your business is to write amazing content and publish engaging videos for your audience, yet you depend on social platforms to engage with your audience. What if you had the same power that Facebook has to curate the most relevant content to each individual person at scale? What if you were able to get closer to your audience as opposed to further away?

ZetaHub gives you the same power that Facebook has to not only understand each individual user but deliver the right content to the user across your website, their mobile device, and their email inbox. This drives user experiences that are delightful, building long lasting affinity that increases retention, conversions and shares.


Users who are served ZetaHub personalized content return more often. Our media and publishing clients see a 4x increase in return visits over the average users who come in through other channels.


When every experience is more relevant, users stay on your site or app longer, leading to more activity and ad revenue. ZetaHub’s on-site personalization can bring a 5x increase in pageviews/session.


The more your users like the content they see, the more they are likely to share it, comment on it, and engage other readers about it. In fact, ZetaHub users are 3x more likely to share your content.


Increase Engagement and Build Loyal Audiences

Trusted by millions of publishers online, the Disqus platform is integrated within ZetaHub. Get more control on personalization with granular targeting capabilities in real-time.

Engage your audience

Bring their content to life. Fuel colorful discussions, efficiently moderate comments, and build engaged communities.

Retain your readers

Capture readers and keep them coming back for more with robust sign-in options, cross-site notifications and more.

Understand your success

Get actionable insights through analytics to understand your audience, monitor their engagement, and optimize content strategy.

Zeta Helps Digital Publication Get Over 25 Thousand Subscription Orders

Founded in 1990, the US based publication is the brainchild of one of the most popular personalities in Hollywood.


  • Incremental newsletter signups: 100,000
  • Traffic generated to landing page: 225,000
  • Revenue generated: $250,000

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