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Create a Delightful Retail Experience

Turn More Visitors Into Customers

Connect with your customers over a range of channels with content customized based on their behavior.

Smart Triggers for Tailored and Unique Customer Journeys

  • Personalize the Journey

    Using behavioral data to segment and personalize content in trigger campaigns such as welcome series, newsletters, and drip emails.

  • Smart Triggers

    Individually relevant post-signup welcome series perfectly timed to nurture customers and build relationships.

  • Special Occasion

    Use daily deals, special product reviews, and location-based offers to celebrate your loyal customers.

  • Grow Your Users

    Use onsite lightboxes to build subscription opt-in lists and segments that update automatically.

  • Post Purchase

    Showcase purchased products, recommendations for repeat purchase, and CTAs to encourage social interaction.

An Insightful, Unified View Into Your Customers via Smart Segments

  • Discover Purchase Intent

    Compare behaviors in real-time between all of your visitors and customers to reveal insightful patterns of purchase intent.

  • Track All Your Users

    Continuous tracking of both known and unknown visitors starts as soon as they enter the site.

  • Craft Personal Experiences

    Customers receive a truly unique experience by being able to participate in multiple segments and campaigns at any time.

Multi-channel Reach to Engage Your Customers at the Right Time, in the Right Place

  • Messenger

    Start contextual conversations with customers while they are on your website.

  • Email

    Send customized emails for the entire customer journey.

  • Mobile Notifications

    Easy opt-ins to reach the right audience with customized campaigns.

  • On-Site / In-App

    Targeted onsite and in-app messages to maximize engagement.

  • Lightbox

    Smart onsite messages that intrigue, not intrude.


E-Commerce site drives 4X audience engagement lift using ZetaHub

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