Building a True Business Case for Your CDP: Why Use Cases Matter

Companies buy a CDP to create value. But the decision to buy a CDP is often made by senior executives who base that decision on broad benefits versus the specific use cases that will lead to tangible results. In other words, without defined use cases CDPs become a solution in search of a problem.


Presented by Zeta and the CDP Institute, THIS whitepaper explains why proper use case definition is essential to CDP success. Learn how to engage business users so they understand how a CDP will help them achieve their business goals, and act as advocates toward your objective.


CDP use cases play a critical role in identifying functional requirements, screening and assessing vendors, completing the selection process, and preparing for a successful implementation and deployment. This whitepaper illustrates what a clearly defined use case looks like and how to conduct workshops with your business users to identify and develop effective use cases in collaboration. Finally we explain why your process should not be strictly limited to business use cases.


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