The Future Customer Journeys: How Customers Themselves are Driving the Next Big Changes in eCommerce

Download our ebook, Future Customer Journeys: How Customers Themselves are Driving the Next Big Changes in eCommerce for an exploration into the challenges and solutions shaping the omnichannel customer journey in today’s retail landscape.


Despite significant advancements in data analytics and customer experience (CX) tools, many teams continue to encounter obstacles in leveraging data effectively to enhance the customer journey. Namely, most respondents (61%) are faced with understanding customer needs and preferences, and nearly half of respondents (46%) grapple with changing consumer behaviors as well.


Both challenges underscore the necessity for businesses to foster a culture of continuous learning and customer-centric thinking by leveraging artificial intelligence and real-time data analytics to deliver personalized experiences, promptly.


Think of this ebook as a playbook to the customer journey, uncovering how to:


  • Gain insights into how AI is revolutionizing customer experiences and ecommerce operations
  • Discover strategies for understanding customer needs and preferences and adapting to changing consumer behaviors
  • Learn how to consolidate real-time and third-party data to optimize customer journeys and drive predictive analytics
  • Explore the role of digital experience platforms (DXPs) and other CX tools in creating consistent, personalized experiences across channels


Retail and ecommerce leaders alike agree that content personalization, marketing automation, and AI-crafted digital experiences are leading the charge in redefining customer journeys. Read on for best practices to implement these strategies and drive real, transformative results.


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