How to Recognize & Reduce Tech Debt

When most companies think of debt, they’re solely thinking of their bottom line. But there’s another instance that isn’t taken into account nearly enough: tech debt.


Tech debt results from software entropy and a lack of integration between different systems and data. And it’s not just a minor inconvenience. 63% of businesses say that tech debt is slowing their pace of development, resulting in real-world losses in sales.


Download this whitepaper to dive deeper into:

  • The greatest risk factors for developing tech debt
  • How tech debt is negatively affecting your business—and how you can fix it
  • Simple steps to consolidating your MarTech stack
  • What to look for in prospective vendors

Reduce Tech Debt

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✓ Injest Data
✓ Maintain Data
✓ Store Historical Data
✓ Unified Customer Data
✓ Privacy
✓ Share Customer Data
✓ Real Time Data Updates
✓ Channels Supported
✓ Data Sources Supported
✓ 3rd Party Applications
✓ Real Time Processing
✓ Data Hygiene
✓ End User Testing
✓ Analytics & Reporting
✓ Model Building & Scoring
✓ Personalization
✓ Journey Orchestration

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