A Data-Driven Marketing Leader

A Data-Driven Marketing Leader

From our founding 12 years ago, our mission has remained unchanged: to help solve CMOs’ most challenging problems across the customer lifecycle – acquire new customers at scale, grow their value over time and keep them longer. The tools, talents and techniques have evolved, but the commitment to helping clients win is stronger than ever.


Today’s consumer is more connected than ever. With almost constant access to Internet at home and on the go, consumers are able to find the information they want whenever and wherever. Digitally empowered, they demand navigating the evolving path to purchase through multiple digital touch points. They’re following an increasingly complex, multi-channel path to conversion. When marketers are savvy and tuned in to their customer’s behavior, they get optimal results. That’s where we come in.


of consumers expect companies to have
mobile apps that help manage their
product or service experience.


of consumers wish more companies
offered the ability to interact with them via


of consumers wish that companies
provided more helpful information on their
websites for self-help, ratings and reviews.


of consumers are more likely to purchase a
product if they see a company responding
to consumers on community sites.

David A. Steinberg,

Co-founder, Chairman and CEO

He co-founded Zeta in 2007 to focus on Big Data and analytics. Prior to Zeta, Mr. Steinberg founded InPhonic, Sterling Cellular and Sterling Communications as well as serving as CEO.

John Sculley


He served as CEO of Apple for more than ten years. Also known for his role as CEO of Pepsi, he was responsible for the creation of the two-liter bottle and the Pepsi Challenge. A marketing expert, he is one of America’s best-known business leaders.