The Costly Mistakes Marketers Make With Incrementality Measurement

Learn how you can avoid making the critical errors that undermine success with incrementality.
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One platform—every marketing need. Recognize and act on consumer intent in real-time with the Zeta Marketing Platform. Powered by an industry-leading blend of data and AI, our software platform allows you to deliver the one thing that matters most to your organization—real growth.

Everything a marketer needs, from acquisition through retention

  • Zeta Marketing Platform
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  • Customer Experience
  • Prospect Acquisition

Zeta Marketing Platform

Opportunity-powered marketing. Industry-defining identity management. Omnichannel experience building. The Zeta Marketing Platform offers everything your business needs to grow in the modern digital ecosystem.
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Opportunity Explorer

Take action the moment a consumer is in-market for your products or services with Opportunity Explorer—a customizable, analytics environment that allows marketers to identify opportunities and capture new revenue.
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Complete customer profiles are the bedrock of marketing ROI. They’re how you know who the consumer is, what they care about, and what they’re buying. Those profiles can’t exist without exceptional identity and data management.
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Customer Experience

Orchestrate each customer experience across channels and throughout the lifecycle from a single platform. Optimize activation for every interaction across thousands of paid and owned channels with up-to-the-minute insights and AI to drive the best possible outcome.
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Prospect Acquisition

Continuously updated demographic, behavioral, and intent signals allow you to uncover consumers in-market for your products and services. Discover lookalikes, active shoppers, at-risk customers, lapsed buyers, and more.
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The Zeta Marketing Platform

Powered by our Data Cloud & Artificial Intelligence

The Zeta Marketing Platform provides a real-time view of prospects and customers, leveraging AI to create personalization in every channel at unparalleled depth and scale.

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The Zeta Marketing Platform

Powered by our Data Cloud & Artificial Intelligence

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Access and Activate the Largest Independent Set of Real-Time Data

2.4 B

Global Unique Users

850 M

Behavioral Signals

250 M

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Our rare mix of capabilities has been helping brands grow for over a decade

Enterprise Marketing Software Suites & Cross-Channel Campaign Management, Q3 2019.

“Zeta is a rarity in terms of overall capabilities, most notably it offers one of the most complete combinations of data and tech available within an Enterprise Marketing Software Suites solution, giving it the important ability to cross the entire customer lifecycle from acquisition to customer marketing.”

—The Forrester Wave™

A few years ago it took 16 different vendors to manage what Zeta today delivers through its marketing cloud in one solution.

—Alejandro Cremades, July 2019

“Brands are interested in software providers such as Zeta, Adobe Inc. and Inc. because they offer a suite of services for different types of marketing, which is easier to manage than having to sign up for different tools from different vendors…. “

Sahil Patel

2019 Most Important Executives Shaping the Future of Marketing Technology & 2019 Hottest Ad Tech Companies “Zeta Global positions itself as an independent marketing cloud with loads of first-party data and artificial intelligence that makes marketing work better.”

Reference customers raved about Zeta as a strategic partner, and they awarded the vendor near- perfect marks in terms of customer satisfaction. One reference customer referred to working with Zeta as “the most successful partnership”.

—The Forrester Wave ™, Q3 2019

Never miss a growth opportunity