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Gartner’s Market Guide for Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a staple channel for marketing leaders, prized for its effectiveness, measurability and the customer insights it yields. Use this Market Guide to identify providers that can execute your email marketing campaigns and advance your email program maturity.

2019 Marketing Trends — The Rise of Individualization

Written by The Relevancy Group’s David Daniels and Nicholas Einstein & sponsored by Zeta Global

Published in February 2019, The Relevancy Group explores the top marketing trends of 2019 and shows how individualization adoption will rise to replace basic personalization techniques. The paper explores tactics and provides data that supports that email is not being replaced.

Key Questions:
• Will email continue to dominate in 2019?
• What to expect from martech in 2019?
• Which technologies will most directly impact marketers in 2019?
• How will the adoption of key marketing tactics impact the customer experience in 2019?

Marketers Will be Laser Focused on Driving Positive Customer Experiences

Marketers will focus on improving the quality of the customer experience by adopting individualized marketing. In 2019, marketers will begin to truly capitalize on the significant opportunities presented by the increased velocity of marketing data. In 2019, we expect meaningful AI/ML advancements for marketers that will create efficiency and reduce the need for production staff to execute repetitive tasks. Brands will continue their digital transformation journey, but more will rely on outside experts. They will also embrace certification such as SOC 2. Identity matching will reach critical mass, propelling advancements in relevancy, individualization, and revenue optimization.

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