Study Reveals Zeta Delivers More Effective Acquisition Campaigns

NEW YORK (June 29, 2021) – Zeta (NYSE: ZETA), a leading cloud-based marketing technology company that empowers enterprises to acquire, grow and retain customers, today released findings from a commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Zeta.

The study focused on the long-term financial and business impact for enterprises that activated Zeta’s proprietary, identity-based data, which today includes over 220 million opted-in individuals in the US, as the foundation of their marketing campaigns across a variety of channels. Results revealed that interviewed Zeta Marketing Platform (ZMP) customers that activate the Company’s proprietary data achieve 50% higher customer acquisition effectiveness on their marketing investments and accelerated revenue over a period of three years.

Zeta’s Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO, David A. Steinberg stated, “We built the Zeta Marketing Platform to help marketers achieve stronger return on their investment. For years, we’ve collaborated with our customers to design precision campaigns, based on Zeta’s unique audience insights, and execute omnichannel acquisition strategies with agility. We believe this TEI validates and quantifies the benefits Zeta delivers. As the marketing ecosystem evolves and CMOs recognize how critical identity-based data is to acquire new customers, Zeta remains committed to putting marketers in control of their data, providing flexibility and transparency, and accelerating their growth.”

In the study, Forrester interviewed four decision-makers at enterprise organizations with experience leveraging Zeta’s data to obtain insight with respect to costs, benefits and risks associated with their investments. In the study, marketing leaders highlighted key challenges before working with Zeta, including reaching and activating consumers in certain markets, finding affordable data and geolocation data, and concern about data deprecation due to reduced access to third-party cookies, mobile data, and new consumer privacy legislation.

One interviewee reported, “Zeta is always beating benchmarks, improving on metrics, and outperforming the solution we had before. On top of that, they’re a great marketing partner for us; it’s clear they’re experts in this field. Zeta’s been a significant enabler of what we’re able to accomplish as a company.”

Interviewed customers indicated that Zeta was able to help solve these challenges with key benefits and strengths, including:
  • Unique power of intender audiences: Interviewees noted Zeta’s data performs better than alternative sources of data to target the audience segments they were interested in activating.
  • Proven efficiency of an integrated data + activation solution: The ZMP powers all omnichannel actions, reducing costs from multi-vendor needs while continuing to deliver superior results.
  • Transparent, quality audience data not reliant on third-party cookies: Zeta’s customers are confident they can pursue strategies that are not dependent on 3rd party cookies with full transparency on how data is collected and analyzed to drive specific campaign signals.
  • Increased speed and agility: Zeta improves enterprise speed to market with quick implementation and optimizes campaign growth strategies. An interviewee stated that unlike other solutions, Zeta implementation is like “flipping a switch.”
  • Strong partnerships with marketers: Customers referred to Zeta as a strong and responsive partner who valued the relationship.

A Chief Revenue Officer customer interviewed further mentioned “Zeta does really, really, well with audience building. Their proposals are really well thought out and thorough in terms of explaining how they’re going to get to that audience and the setup. I’ve been really thrilled with the communications.”

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About Zeta

Zeta Global Holdings Corp. (NYSE: ZETA) is a leading data-driven, cloud-based marketing technology company that empowers enterprises to acquire, grow and retain customers. The Company’s Zeta Marketing Platform (the “ZMP”) is the largest omnichannel marketing platform with identity data at its core. The ZMP analyzes billions of structured and unstructured data points to predict consumer intent by leveraging sophisticated artificial intelligence to personalize experiences at scale. Founded in 2007 by David A. Steinberg and John Sculley, the Company is headquartered in New York City. For more information, please go to


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